Guérande, medieval town and its salt marshes

  • Go along to one of the ‘flash’ guided tours offered by the  Tourist Office, they provide a good introduction to this facinating subject... In a mere 30 minutes you get to find out all there is know about Guérande’s ‘Porte Saint-Michel’ !: the chance to get one of the lower halls and peer out of the arrow-gun slits.
  • Take a wander around the medieval town. You’ll be sure to fall under the charm of magnificent old stone buildings and monuments.
  • Have your lunch in the heart of the medieval town or just outside to avoid wasting any time.  Every minute counts to have all the time you need to discover the town of Guérande proud bearer of the quality label of  Ville d'Art et d' Histoire  since 2004.
  • Visit and discover the wonders of Guérande’s famous salt marshes. Their reputation is second to none! Learn about how the salt forms, the history of the salt marshes and the wide variety of fauna and flora.  Here you’re sure to find all the key facts to help you understand and appreciate this unique and amazing natural environment.

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