Agnčs, she who can be two places at once!

If you take a windmill, an immense plot of ground, two great lovers of nature then you have an exact description of Le Moulin de Kergas!  It’s here, a stone’s throw from the town of Herbignac, on the road to La Roche Bernard, that Agnès et Franck created their gigantic garden which they tend with loving care and with total respect for the environment.  They even act as hosts for a night or more to passing travellers who are keen to discover the park and…to sleep overnight in the windmill!
The Moulin de Kergas tower at Herbignac

"The journey begins at the end of this path"...

... a wooded sloping path leads to a large farmhouse dominated by the tower of the mill, Le Moulin de Kergas.  We can see a pond, a vegetable garden and in the distance an orchard.  But right now we need to follow Agnès who is eager to show us around the house especially the two cosy rooms at the heart of the mill.

The choices are…To keep your feet firmly on the ground or enjoy a more panoramic view ?

The travellers who stop overnight at Le Moulin de Kergas have a hard choice to make :  will it be the Magnolia bedroom with a window (a bay window if you please !) looking out over the garden with access to wriggle your toes in the grass, on the ground floor ; or venture up higher to the 1st floor of the tower to the windmill mini-suite with a view out over the entire grounds.  From here you can even see La Roche Bernard in the distance! 

Whatever your choice is finally you are sure to enjoy the delicious sweet goodies Agnès will prepare for your totally locally sourced and homemade breakfast to include : scones, gingerbread made with buckwheat flour, ‘madeleines’ (tiny sponge cakes lightly flavoured with orange water), ‘brioches’ (buns which are a cross between bread and cake), homemade yoghurts flavoured with vanilla sugar… 

In the room where breakfast is served we instantly become aware of Agnès and Franck’s commitment to a policy of ‘eco-friendliness’ which permeates into everything they do.  We can see a presentation of the various actions that have been carried out with sustainable development as the common consideration:  recycling the rain water from the roof, the use of natural green cleaning products, composting of organic waste, the installation of thermostatically controlled bathroom facilities.  Right from day one when they arrived here back in 2011, this couple has always made the choice of using environmentally friendly materials for the outfitting of the mill.              
  • Moulin de Kergas in Herbignac
  • Room in the tower of the Mill of Kergas
  • Magnolia room in Moulin de Kergas
  • Terrace in the Mill of Kergas - Herbignac
  • Commitments Green Passport Moulin de Kergas
  • Mini suite room Moulin de Kergas
Agnčs maintaining the park of the Moulin de Kergas

Do you fancy a stroll?  Be our guests!  You’ve got two hectares all to yourselves!

Once the visit around the windmill is done off we go to the landscaped park carefully managed by the skillful hands of the master of the ‘art’ Franck owner of the grounds and landscape gardener from Batz-sur-Mer.  Here everything is organised to favour biodiversity and to encourage the presence of a wide variety of fauna.  We start by discovering the wild prairie, this immense green carpet which allows the plants to take root and grow tall unhindered.  Agnès tells with joy that thanks to the creation of this area new habitats have developed and with them the arrival of fresh species of animal including wagtails and also many butterflies.     

We also get to visit the vegetable garden which, like the rest of the park, is subject to the commitment taken on by Franck of zero pesticides.  A little further on we come across the pond, edged by giant bizzy-lizzies beyond which we can see a bed of waterlilies.  This pond which is in part filled by the rainwater recovered from the roof acts like a mirror providing us with a superb reflection onto the mill and its tower.

Take a look over here, a nesting-box!  It’s good to know that Le Moulin de Kergas has also taken on the role of a bird ‘sanctuary’ on behalf of the LPO*.  Agnès will be setting up other boxes - which she makes herself! - during the winter months.  There will also be others put in place for the bats of which there are many around here!
 * Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux (Eng. RSPB = Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)

We continue our walk via the quarry.  This particular quarry would have provided the stone used for the construction of the mill during the second half of the XVIIIth century. Off we go to the orchard where they grow: apples, quinces, pears…twenty or so fruit trees are dotted about this large grass field.  From here we have a fantastic view of the building in the distance, surrounded as it is by huge flower beds of hydreangeas, Japonese anemones,  echiums and succulents.
  • Butterfly - Moulin de Kergas in Herbignac
  • Park of the Moulin de Kergas Herbignac
  • Lily pad in Moulin de Kergas at Herbignac
  • Lily pad in Moulin de Kergas at Herbignac
  • Pond of the Moulin de Kergas
  • Birdhouse in Moulin de Kergas
  • Birdhouse in Moulin de Kergas
  • Vegetable garden in the mill of Kergas
  • Flowers of the park of the Moulin de Kergas
  • The orchard of the Mill of Kergas
  • Anemones of Japan - Park of the Moulin de Kergas
  • Agnčs maintaining the park of the Moulin de Kergas
  • Moulin de Kergas in Herbignac
  • Birdhouse in Moulin de Kergas, LPO refuge in Herbignac
So do you fancy taking "the journey to be found at the end of the path"? RDV during the summer months to be able enjoy the garden at its best, rich in colour and in foliage!  But don’t worry if this is not possible for you…you can come and discover Le Moulin de Kergas in the autumn as well as the winter and make the most of a relaxing and tranquil break! 

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