The local producers

This delicious local produce can be popped into your suitcase to take home or simply enjoyed during your stay here in Bretagne Plein Sud.  Whether you choose to enjoy them now or later we guarantee you’ll find something to delight your tastebuds !

On the water front of Le Croisic or La Turballe be sure to stop off at ‘la Conserverie La Belle Iloise’ to discover their extensive range of canned sardines and soups.  Marvel at the variety of colours and interesting packaging each with its appeal to the ‘foodie-connoisseur’!

Caramels, ‘niniches’ and biscuits sweet treats for your enjoyment are readily available in the traditional biscuit makers outlets in Batz-sur-Mer or the confectioner’s shops of Le Pouliguen.
Whatever you do, don’t forget to take home a little bag of fleur de sel as a souvenir! 
Kercabellec 44420 MESQUER +33 2 40 42 63 85 +33 6 60 99 56 09
L’Ostréa is a family-run business which has been breeding shellfish for some 30 years in the charming location of Kercabellec: oysters, mussels, clams, cockles and periwinkles – all the delights of the sea…
1 route de l'Estran Pen Bé 44410 ASSERAC +33 2 40 01 74 12 Website
Come and see our selection of local produce at Pen Bé: retail sales of oysters, mussels, shellfish and seafood. Trays of open oysters and seafood to order.
183 route de Guérande La Gassun 44410 HERBIGNAC +33 2 40 88 88 90 Website
For 3 generations, Les Vergers du Littoral cultivate seasonal fruits and vegetables. Organic farming. Production: - 21 apple varieties. - Pears. - Kiwis. - Grape. - Melons. - Tomatoes and summer vegetables. Products: - Apple jelly. - App...
2 boulevard de l'Atlantique 44510 LE POULIGUEN +33 2 40 42 95 12 Website
The only thing wider than the smile that greets you on arrival in our shop is the VERY extensive range of products we have on offer from the Guérande Peninsula: palets Bretons, galettes, caramels with fleur de sel from Guérande…and ...
36 avenue des Ibis 44500 LA BAULE ESCOUBLAC +33 2 40 11 16 24 +33 2 40 11 16 24 Website
6 place du Pilori Intra-Muros 44350 GUERANDE +33 2 40 22 10 05 Website
Our shop is a direct sales outlet for a group of family-run canneries which have joined forces to bring to your table a range of full of fl avour fresh-from-the-sea products. We offer a vast selection of products from the sea which combine both ...