A week’s holiday accessible to all!

If ‘a warm welcome’, ‘accessibility’ and ‘comfort’ are key factors for your holiday then this is the section is written with you in mind! Here you’ll find the complete range of offers available in La Bretagne Plein Sud under the quality label of Tourisme et Handicap.

To ensure that your stay is a success, some of our service providers have accommodation adapted to your needs so that you can feel totally ‘at home’ here!
Please find below a selection of hotels, B and Bs, group accommodation and holiday rentals all of which carry the quality label of ‘Tourisme et handicap’

A little tip: we recommend going on tours in the morning.  This is generally speaking when there are fewer people, it’s not as hot and you will have the advantage of having the rest of the day to do as you please!
A little bit of sunshine maybe?  Let’s head for the beach…  follow this link to a list of   accessible beaches or those equipped with ‘tiralo’ (beach-wheel-chair which can allow people with reduced mobility, with assistance, to access the beach/calm sea). Wow! Lots of unforgettable moments in the offing…why not try your hand at diving or sailing?…out on the open waves for a few hours nothing quite like it!!

Is it time to eat already?! Fancy trying an interesting dish to tantilize your tastebuds? In our selection you’ll find a list of places to eat which come under ‘Tourisme et Handicap’ label. 

Time flies by so quickly…can’t believe it’s the end of the day already!  What if we were to sort out our plan for tomorrow?  No problem!  Pop into one of our accessible Tourist Offices the staff will be happy and delighted to put together a program of activities designed just for you!
For example the staff at La Baule are trained to communicate using sign language!
Follow the link for a comprehensive list…
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Aérodrome de La Baule-Escoublac 44500 LA BAULE ESCOUBLAC +33 2 51 75 10 43 +33 2 40 11 07 43 Website
Musée Aéronautique Presqu'Île Côte d'Amour: restores and preserves the aeronautical heritage from the 30s-50s ; we invite you to come and see for yourself our ten or so aircrafts, engines, documents and a flight simulator....
Le Parc Nicol Route de Brédérac 44500 LA BAULE ESCOUBLAC +33 2 40 61 20 30 Website
In the Tropicarium Bonsaï you will find exoticism and total escape all year round. We are specialized in Bonsaï's culture, tropical plants and renowned for our large exotic garden. This center is the only one of its kind in France! It is l...
Port de pêche Centre de Marées 44420 LA TURBALLE +33 2 40 11 71 31 Website
Through this guided tour of 1 hour, you will discover the history of the 8th french fishing port, its development and its current amenities. You will also learn to recognize the different types of boats and fishing techniques used.
Avenue de Saint-Goustan 44490 LE CROISIC +33 2 40 23 02 44 Website
Open 7 days a week with the exception of New Years Day, 25th of December and the month of January after Christmas Holidays. The Océarium of Le Croisic invites you on a voyage! Take a wander by the ‘Lagoon' to admire the fish of the ...
Place Adèle Pichon 44740 BATZ SUR MER +33 2 40 23 82 79 Website
A museum in the salty taste ! Happy old and modernity , the course of the museum located in the heart of a Salorge nineteenth century. Collectibles, artistic works and new technologies interact on nearly 850m² . The history of sea salt is ...
Port de Pêche Centre marée 44420 LA TURBALLE +33 2 40 11 71 31 Website
Come and witness ‘live' the excitement of the fish auction. The guide will reveal the entire purchase process to you as well as the logistical stages involved in getting the fish from the sea to your dinner table (unloading the fish, ...