Pass-down to your grandchildren Back to basics!

We all have fond memories of our first stay in Bretagne Plein Sud... I was 6 at the time... the place... Piriac-sur-Mer... Like love’s first kiss I will never forget it !

Memories take me back to the delicious aroma of the homemade chocolate on the waffle purchased from the van parked on 'La Place de l’Eglise'. Back then we were enchanted by everything here the people, the places, scents, the landscapes which gave us an incredible sense of freedom. 

'Our beach' where every year we had the pleasure of meeting up with our holiday friends... siestas, picnics, oh those amazing spun sugar lollies... 'Les Niniches'... All these great memories come flowing back still as bright as ever...

Today we have the pleasure of sharing all of these memories and much more in Bretagne Plein Sud with our own children and grandchildren ...
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