The beaches for ‘relaxation’ in Bretagne Plein Sud

Do you fancy doing nothing and making the most of the simple pleasures of the beach and just lazing about?
How about reading that novel you’ve put to one side for the summer stretched out on your beach towel with the sun as your reading companion…
Sound good?  Then these beaches are the ones for you!
Pont Mahé 44410 ASSERAC Website
Also named "The Western Mediterranean", the Pont-Mahé beach is a beautyfull place where, on summertime, the water can warm up to 28°C (82.4 °F). Thin and light sand beach, a pine trees forest : everything is here natural and calm. Thanks...
Plage de Lérat Côte des Fressignés 44420 PIRIAC SUR MER Website
The best beach in Piriac for the whole family with fine sand. Situated 2 km from the centre.