Blaise, a portrait of an enthusiast

We’re off to the dam at Arzal

to meet up with Blaise !

Blaise - au gré du vent
Hello Blaise, could you tell us a little bit about yourself ?

Sure, I’m the manager of the company 'Au Gré du Vent'. We hire out canoes, sea kayaks, motor boats and paddle boards to the public.

What made you decide to set up here on the banks of La Vilaine ?

Her name really doesn’t do this river any justice! Far from 'Vilaine' (= ugly!) it really is so beautiful! This stretch of water is very calm indeed, ideal for family outings and between the Golfe du Morbihan and the Guérande Peninsula.
Can you give us the details of what you have to offer to the visitors ?

We hire out equipment and organise guided walks along the coast. We’ve also recently started to offer walks at sunset.... This is really magic I would really recommend that one !
Kayak sur la Vilaine
When for you is your favourite time to go out to sea ?

Without doubt for me every time I would choose a sunny day in January, when the sea is calm with a light north easterly wind. The water then becomes totally clear, like a mirror. Just amazing to Le Pouliguen !
Can you tell us where you like to go for a walk, to recharge your batteries let’s say?

If I want to get some fresh air then I like to go to the salt marshes in the Le Bassin du Mès - Around here we like to call these salt marshes the 'little brother of the salt marshes of Guérande'. I also really like the Côte Sauvage too.

And how about a good place to go out?

I would say Le Sarah B. in la Roche-Bernard, near the old port. It’s a bar, restaurant but what makes it all the more interesting is that there are cultural events there too such as concerts, theatre all this in a really unusual setting!

For an adventure by sea or along La Vilaine,
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