Bretagne Plein Sud through the eyes of a child

Row, row, row your boat...

Sandcastles, those delightfully tangy but sugary lollies ‘Les Niniches’, the smell of suntan cream lovingly applied to your face, the beautiful mane of your favourite pony ‘Framboise’… Children collect their memories as time goes by. Here we have a few fond ones care of some of our little darlings…
Enfants jouant prčs d'un bassin - le Pouliguen
Lucie - Aged 5

"I saw someone collecting the salt, it was really beautiful"

Léon - Aged 12

"Chocolate crêpes for afternoon snack soooooo good... !!"

Suzanne - Aged 4

"In trampoline of the Beach Club, I am a champion !" 

Océane - Aged 10

"When we were on holiday in Piriac I learned to sail in a boat called an 'optimist'. It’s my dream now to become a sailor and sail the oceans."

Chez Manuel - dégustation de niniches
César - Aged 9

"I played the King at the Châteaubde Ranrouët, it was wicked !"

Enzo - Aged 7

"There were these giant inflatable slides and we went on bike rides... I really want to go there again."

Albert - Aged 3

"Wow the fish in the big aquarium (Editor’s note: Océarium du Croisic). They had so many colours and there were even some sharks!!"
Balade en poney
Sofia - Aged 3

‘Les Niniches !’

Baptiste - Aged 6

"The best thing ever was the sandcastle building competition at Mesquer we did with my dad. We had great fun, I love building sandcastles...“

Jeanne - Aged 7

"I just love the colour of Framboise’s name, my 7 year old pony from La Baule. She’s really beautiful, grey and white. I spent all my holidays going to see her and going for rides. Can’t wait until next year to see her again.“
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