Exceptional towns well worth a visit in Bretagne Plein Sud

Guérande, ville d'art et d'histoire

Guérande, Ville d’art et d’histoire - a town brimming with art and history

Allow the medieval atmosphere of the town of Guérande to take you in:  its ramparts which cover some 1 400 m, the historical centre with its classic buildings from XVIItn century built by wealthy salt merchants, its collegiate church of Saint-Aubin and surrounding salt workers villages – a rich and fascinating heritage waiting to be discovered.  Within the ramparts,   are many character houses to catch the gaze of those who have an eye for such things.  As you stroll around be sure not to miss ‘la rue Bizienne’, ‘la place du Pilori’, ‘la place Saint-Jean’, ‘la rue du Tricot’, ‘la rue Sainte-Catherine’, ‘la place Saint-Aubin’...
Take this opportunity to really explore this fortified town proud title holder of the quality label ‘Ville d'Art et d'Histoire’ since 2004. Follow in the footsteps of the great authors who fell in love with Guérande: Balzac, Apollinaire, Zola…

There are many guided tours/visits on offer from the Tourist Office which will enable you explore all the aspects of this fascinating town.  To find out more visit: www.ot-guerande.fr.

Piriac, petite cité de caractère

Piriac-sur-Mer, ‘Petite cité de caractère’…pittoresque and fascinating! 

From the times of the salt trade, the fishing of cod or the heyday of the sardine canneries the little town of Piriac has been able to preserve its granite houses, some of which date back more 300 years.  In the XIXth  century the resort was frequented by authors such as Daudet or Zolathe town was a rich source of inspiration for many including those who took pleasure in bathing in the sea and were able to gain easy access to the resort with the arrival of the railway line as far as Le Croisic.   

Enjoy a relaxing stroll around the port brightly decorated by the coloured sails of the boats moored here.  Wander along the narrow lanes, their pavements in full bloom with the rich colours of the hydrangeas or along the sands of la plage Saint-Michel

To ensure you don’t miss out on any of the interesting facets of this pretty seaside ‘Petite cité de caractère’ we strongly recommend you follow one of the visits on offer from the Tourist Office.
Le Croisic, petite cité de caractère

Le Croisic, ‘Petite cité de caractère’…home to history…stories of seafaring adventures…

The quaint seaside port of Le Croisic which built its wealth and reputation on trade and fishing has also succeeded in the conservation of its historical heritage.  Come and discover the old town with its half-timbered houses, huddled together at the foot of the church Notre-Dame-de-Pitié, dominated by the proud bell tower.  Take a relaxing stroll along the quayside your mind filled with tales of powerful ship-owners, brave captains and savvy merchants whose audacity and wealth brought about the construction of the elegant town houses.
A walk along the port, witnessing the true symbiosis of fishing and pleasure boats, is the best way to really take in the spirit of this place, like in days gone by when the former fish market resounded to the lively calls of the sardine auctions. 

But maybe braving the strong sea wind at the end of the jetty or along ‘la côte sauvage’, to discover along the customs officers’ path, or around the corner from a hidden cove, one of the magnificent villas from way-back-when is more your thing.  Precious memories of the beginning of the fashion of ‘sea-bathing’! 

To find out more, visit the internet site of  the Tourist Office of Le Croisic.
Batz sur Mer, Petite cité de caratère

Batz-sur-Mer, Petite cité de caractère…some were built on salt…

Batz-sur-Mer, this former paludiers’ village, has preserved all its authentic charm of days gone by.  Come and marvel at its architectural treasures just waiting to be discovered : the church of Saint-Guénolé with its elegant bell tower, la Chapelle du Mûrier, a truly gothic treasure to behold and the imposing ‘salorges’ with their angled buttresses, the salt warehouses - ‘les greniers à sel’, all typical buildings from the area. 
Venture down the narrow lanes and along the coastal paths and admire the granite houses of Batz itself and its four surrounding villages…all this set against the breathtaking backdrop of the ocean and the salt marshes.
A 5km long circuit will give you and the family the opportunity to discover the emblematic sights of the town.

To find out more visit the internet site of the Tourist Office of Batz-sur-Mer.
La Roche Bernard, petite cité de caractère

La Roche-Bernard, Petite cité de caractère…some were built on rock…

Come and explore the wonders of la Roche-Bernard, wander down its narrow winding lanes with their impressive stone buildings…just around the corner marvel at the panoramic view, or the artistry of a craftsman…

The must-sees of your visit here: ‘la Maison du Canon’ (XVIth century), ‘la Chapelle Notre-Dame’ (XVIth century), ‘l’Hôtel Odet de Châtillon – Coligny’ (XVIth century), ‘le Château des Basses-Fosses’ (XVIth and XVIIth century), the streets ‘la rue de la Saulnerie’ and ‘la rue de la Quenelle’, ‘la Place du Bouffay’, ‘la Promenade du Ruicard’, the quays of ‘La Douane’ and ‘Saint-Antoine’, the park ‘les Jardins des Garennes’, the listed site of ‘le Rocher’…

The explanatory heritage information circuit (Fr. Le Circuit d’Interprétation du Patrimoine) will provide all the key facts you will need to discover this quaint town thanks to the 23 strategically placed information panels. A useful guide for your visit is available in leaflet form from the Tourist Office.
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