Je grignote, tu manges, il déguste

Time to set off in search of those little ‘local foodie pleasures’ of which there plenty to choose from in Bretagne Plein Sud! If we talk holidays, we have to talk ‘treats’ this goes without saying.  But it’s also interesting to meet the local producers, farmers and market gardeners to learn all about the harvest and their skills!  We’ve selected for you the produce which is truly ‘from ‘round ‘ere’ and a few special places where you can get to taste them…oh!  we can see your mouths watering from here!  Off we go! 

Emblematic produce from the Peninsula

Coques et palourdes Pêche
From the starter to the dessert, not forgetting that all important afternoon snack -  ‘le petit goûter’…this part of Brittany is ‘foodie-paradise’!

Start by letting yourselves be tempted by a few cockles, oysters and clams which you can try at the oyster farms in a variety of places including:  Kercabellec near Mesquer or the marine farm of Pen Bé at Assérac. Equally important not to miss out on the famous ‘moules de bouchot’ (mussels farmed on pilings), farmed in the bay of Pont-Mahé between Assérac and Pénestin. With their ‘fresh from the ocean’ flavour these mussels can be eaten ‘marinière style’, raw, cooked or stuffed…according to your taste!

If your taste is more ‘the delicacies from the land’ rather than ‘the delicacies from the sea’ you might be more keen to try the snails from Le Croisic as your starter.  Why not take the opportunity to discover this snail-farm and how our little ‘molusky friends’ are bred.

Next course…time to try the beef from La Brière, under the label of ‘marque Parc’.  This ‘brand’ means you’ll have the guarantee that this meat is of good quality and organic, originating from a farm which supports sustainable development.  Beef under this label is also on sale in many butchers shops and supermarkets.  Check out the website Parc naturel régional de Brière to find the list of the outlets.  And finally…the little touch to enhance further still the taste of the meat…do like the gourmets do…and add a little pinch of fleur de sel as soon as it is ready to serve!

If you prefer poultry or something a touch more ‘gamey’ then off you must go to Mesquer to try the famous pigeon bred there! 3000 breeding pairs have been looked after by a father and son team over the last 30 years.  You can give the pigeon a try in both as meat and as potted meat (Fr: rillettes).   The ‘Ferme de Bois de Boulle’ at La Turballe also does a line in potted rabbit (Fr: Rillettes de lapin) well worth tasting.

Biscuiterie Saint-Guénolé à Batz-sur-Mer

…and how about a little something sweet to finish off?

As for fruits be sure not to miss out on the pick-your-own strawberries from La Baule available from May to September, with a touch of honey from La Brière for the gourmets amongst you!  Slightly more consistent but even so…totally unmissable is le Fondant baulois ! This super fluffy chocolate fondant cake with its light texture is sure to delight every foodie who tastes it by virtue of its subtle underlying caramelized flavour.  

Feeling a bit peckish around 16h00? We’ve got just what you need, all you have to do is choose.  Caramels made with salty butter from Guérande, chocolates filled with a fleur de sel ganache, delicious Saint-Guénolé biscuits or the famous niniches, the small round lollypop that just melts in the mouth!

Where do you find this local produce?

Légumes sur le marché de Pornichet
Why the market of course!  Not to be missed if you want to have a glimpse of all the specialities of the Peninsula.  The markets come in all shapes and sizes.  You can take a wander around the covered market halls of La Baule and Pornichet, discover the fish market of Le Croisic, stroll around the streets of Batz-sur-Mer of an evening to take a look at the crafts market or visit the village of Kerhinet in La Brière and take in the farmers market. 

Click here for a complete list of the markets in the area 

You can also go directly to the local producers/farmers.  Some organise tours of their farms and offer their produce for purchase directly.  The association Terroirs 44 holds a list on their site of the producers/farmers who sell their produce direct from their farms.

Click here for a complete list of the producers/farmers

Don’t forget to also stop of at the shops selling local produce.  Some such as les Vergers du Littoral at Herbignac or la Chaumière des Saveurs et de l'Artisanat à Kerhinet really are a showcase for all things from the Guérande Peninsula.  For the so called ‘white gold’, then Terre de Sel, is the unmissable site for both visits around the salt marshes and to stock up on local produce and products… savoury ones…of course!
  • Caramel au beurre salé
  • Coques et palourdes Pêcheurs
  • Anguille cuisinée
  • Criée de La Turballe
  • Fondant baulois au marché de La Baule
  • Coques cuisinées
  • Crêpe à Kerhinet - Brière
  • Huîtres sur le marché de Pornichet
  • Langouille et sandre cuisinée
  • Chocolats Christophe Roussel