Destination ... Nature !

Whatever you’re into, freshwater or the sea, nature reserves or Regional nature parks, river or estuary come and get some great fresh air here in Bretagne Plein Sud ... Nature at her best!

Early morning bird watching 

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What more could you wish for than that special moment, at dawn, when total calm reigns to enjoy the grace of the geese as they take off from the sandbanks, the beauty of the egret at the heart of the salt marshes or the majestic marsh harrier in La Brière? 
Make the most of the morning light and total silence and set off with your binoculars or spyglass and head for one of the Guérande Peninsula’s bird watching sites

Along the coastline you will find several information panels which will help you identify the various birds.  Why not go to ‘la Pointe de Merquel’ at Mesquer to spot a few cormorants or common shelducks.  To observe the avocets or the Eurasian curlews then Assérac and ‘le trait de Pen Bé’ are your best choices.  The white egret can be observed in the salt marshes. Should you decide to head for La Brière be sure to go and discover the ornithological wonders of Pierre Constant’s nature reserve.

You’ll find a few suggestions for outings to do some birdwatching in the section called Walks and nature tours.

An important thing to know: During the reproductive period, particularly in the spring, the birds need quiet and tranquility.  Please respect their rhythm of life at this time and keep your distance from their respective breeding grounds so that the parents don’t abandon their nests and their young.

Ready?  Over to you!  Test your ‘birdy knowledge’ by trying this quiz sur les oiseaux.

In total there are more than 300 species of birds which visit Guérande’s salt marshes across the various seasons! 

Flowery Break al fresco!

Flore Bretagne Plein Sud
Time for a well earned rest after a morning’s walking… it must be lunchtime !  Whether you find yourselves by the Nantes to Brest canal, at the heart of La Brière or on ‘la côte sauvage’ there’s always a good place to be found to have a picnic!

What is that perfume of a mixture of vanilla and coconut?  Why it must be the gorse!  If you walk along up on the coastal path towards Pénestin or follow la côte sauvage from le Pouliguen to Le Croisic, they mark out the route for you to follow with their delicious scent…a journey mapped out by your senses! 

If you’re hoping to spot a sand lilly/sea daffodil or sand carnation, both protected species on a national level, then a walk along the dunes of Pen Bron at La Turballe or the cliffs at Batz-sur-Mer is to be recommended.

Further inland away from the coast the wet meadows and the reed-beds of the La Brière’s marshes also provide a pleasant area for a rest.  Green in the spring and golden in the autumn,  the reed-beds can be admired from the edges of the marshlands over towards Breca or Fédrun. 

If for you stopping for lunch is synonymous with going for a swim then head for the beach !  In Bretagne Plein Sud, many of the beaches are cleaned manually allowing the natural debris of the water-mark (clumps of seaweed, drift wood, shells, and other natural debris) to highlight the other wonders of the plant world such as:  the European sea-rocket, the sea beet or the rarest of all these plants the prickly glasswort which can be spotted right in the midst of this famous water-mark-natural-debris in French called laisses de mer.

So where do you think the setting will be for your next picnic in Bretagne Plein Sud?

A lazy afternoon on the water-ways

Balade en chaland à Breca Saint-Lyphard
I’ve heard say there’s nothing quite like taking your siesta on board ‘un chaland*’ as you drift calmly along the fresh waters of the Guérande Peninsula…

To get aboard ‘un chaland’, you need to go to either to Breca or St-Joachim where you can set off to enjoy a boat trip, complete with commentary, in the heart of the Brière marshes. 

Are you more into kayaking?  Then we’ve just the thing for you at Guenrouët on the Nantes to  Brest canal.  Or, you also have the choice of taking a trip along le Brivet at Pont-Château or  la Vilaine at La Roche-Bernard.
* un chaland is a traditional flat-bottomed tapered boat

Discover our selection of nature walks and tours

Did you know? That the fresh water marshes of La Brière, which cover some 19 000 hectares, is the 2nd largest expanse of wetlands in France!  And if you add to this the estuary of La Loire, la Vilaine, le Brivet and the Nantes to Brest canal, you can really say of Bretagne Plein Sud, that it is a massive wetland!

An evening stroll along the shore

Balade du soir sur l'estran à Pénestin
Come the evening, take the time to follow the coastline and make the most of the fading light of the early evening to enjoy the beautiful shades of yellow and orange as they tint its outline.

Once down on the sands the reflection of the setting sun on the water warms our faces.  On one side is the sea and on the other the majestic cliffs like those at the Mine d’Or at Pénestin, or the rocky coastline at Batz-sur-Mer or the vastness of the bay of La Baule.

This special moment, punctuated only by the sound of the waves on the ebbing tide is a moment of pure escapism!   From bays and cliffs to dunes and rocky creeks, the Guérande Peninsula has a great many spots to make the most of the sunset.  

Where do you think you’ll be to watch your next sunset in Bretagne Plein Sud ?

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