Les 20 éco-gestes en vacances

The ‘eco-attitude’ is a good thing to have even when you’re on holiday!  Take the opportunity during your stay in Bretagne Plein Sud to adopt those simple and easy actions which help us all to better respect the environment – ‘every little bit helps’!   Follow our guide, ‘TOD’, represented by an adorable little crab mascot – his recommendations will help you to enjoy a Sustainable Tourism holiday here with us in the Guérande Peninsula.  
Logo TOD j'en pince pour le tourisme durable

TOD, your guide to ‘Sustainable Tourism’

TOD stands for the French ‘TOurisme Durable’, our friendly mascot will make his presence felt throughout your holidays here.  As your ‘travel companion’ he’ll be on hand during your visits, walks and even in your holiday accommodation to help you, at your level, to adopt those simple eco-habits, to makes us all collectively implicated in the preservation of the environment. 

TOD says « thank you very much for your help! » in anticipation of your commitment 


A list of easy to apply eco-habits

Here are a few simple recommendations to help you bear in mind, even during a weekend or a week’s holiday, the importance of safeguarding the environment.  During the course of your stay here with us you will come across many areas considered to be fragile and delicate, such as the salt marshes of Guérande or the Regional Natural Park of La Brière. These areas are blessed with an amazing biodiversity. Together let us strive to preserve them for future generations for many years to come! 

A few ‘easy-to-remember’ examples…for the young and the ‘not so’ young!

  • On the beach :
- I don’t hide my cigarette butts in the sand ; the beach is not an ashtray.
- When I go on an excursion or a picnic, I don’t leave my litter or cigarette butts lying around.  I carry them with me until such time as I find a wastebin to put them in.
  • In the countryside :

-  When I go walking, I stay within the designated circuits and avoid in this way the trampling and subsequent erosion of protected fragile areas.
-  I treat with respect the private property  I cross as well as the work carried out by the farmers and the salt workers (les paludiers)

Take a look inside our leaftlet – a guide to ‘eco-habits
A leaflet about ‘eco-habits’ for sustainable tourism