To be shared with your family

A recipe for a great family holiday

So that every day young and older generations can build happy holiday memories together ...

Method: take one beautiful day and cut it into 4 and share between 4 bowls.

In the 1st bowl, sprinkle a few flakes of culture. 7 sites across the ‘destination’ have committed to making your visit popular with everyone in the family ! It ensures some fun times in store to be had with your little darlings! Why not head down to the Musée des Marais Salants ?

And help everyone’s favourite donkey Caramule to find out what’s in his 'mystery load'?

In the 2nd bowl, whisk up some culinary delight to tantalize your taste buds.

Savoury or sweet in Bretagne Plein Sud you’ll find something to satisfy everyone’s taste! If there is anyone present who has yet to try the famous 'Fondant Baulois' let him speak up now !!!

In the 3rd bowl, add some physical exercise.

There’s a whole host of things to choose from :

• Walks, outings on horseback or by bike, get some of that bracing fresh air;
discover the beautiful scenery along the coast or in the countryside !
• Treetop climbing - 'accrobranche' - at Piriac and Saint-Molf! Get rid of that pent-up energy,
push yourself to your limits, have a great laugh !
• Ride the waves! Why not try sailing in an optimist today? Who knows! Route du Rhum next !!?
From Pornichet to the Le Pouliguen there’s no shortage of sailing schools - the choice is yours !
• What a catch! There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of gathering your own fresh shellfish.
Amble along the foreshore at the time of the big tides as the sea moves back to reveal all its treasures for the picking !
• Going for a swim, playing about on the beach... Making sandcastles...

In the 4th bowl, add a good dash of evening’s entertainment.

Take your pick from :

• Get a taste for 'Fest-noz', a Breton style musical festival, traditional dancing and music, like the famous 'Nuits Salines' in Batz-sur-Mer.
• Concerts and events the thrill of 'sight and sound shows' for example 'les Festi’cités' in Guérande.
• Open air projections for an evening down on the beach in La Baule or Le Pouliguen.
• A stroll around one of the night-time markets at Piriac, Batz-sur-Mer, La Turballe or Le Croisic.
• A ‘spooky’ night visit by the subtle light of candles and torches... Like those on offer at Le Château de Careil.

And much much more to be found on our Destination’s diary at

Pour the contents of the 4 bowls into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously !
Pour your cocktail into a glass: your great day out is ready to try! Cheers !
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