From The river Vilaine to the mussel farms

Vélo de villeItinéraire Vélo de ville
- Départ : Férel
- Arrivée : Pénestin
- Departure/Arrival
- Point of interest
Circuit n° 1
Starting from Férel, via Kersauvage, you’ll come to the dam at Arzal where you can enjoy a fantastic view across the river Vilaine and its moorings for sailing boats and fishing boats.
Then head towards Pénestin, don’t forget to make a slight detour to visit the harbour at La Vieille Roche just before reaching Camoël here you can admire the elegant town houses.
Then follow the picturesque windy roads which will lead you to the port of Tréhiguier.
  • Useful Information :
    • Average duration (based on a speed of 4km/hour)Average duration (based on a speed of 4km/hour) 1h05
    • Distance in kilometresDistance in kilometres 14.3 km
    • Point of departure/place of departurePoint of departure/place of departure Férel
    • Point of arrival/place of arrivalPoint of arrival/place of arrival Pénestin
    • accessaccess Place de la Mairie-Férel
    • Marked trailMarked trail Balises vélo


    • Circuit de la Vilaine aux bouchots: Pénestin, le port de Tréhiguier
    • Tréhiguier - Pénestin
    • Tréhiguier - Pénestin
    • Bouchots à Penestin
    • Tréhiguier
    Circuit de la Vilaine aux bouchots: Pénestin, le port de TréhiguierTréhiguier - PénestinTréhiguier - PénestinBouchots à PenestinTréhiguier