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Bretagne Plein Sud : a Destination well worth discovering!

We all have fond memories of our first stay in ‘La Bretagne Plein Sud’…I was 6 at the time..the place…Piriac-sur-Mer…like love’s first kiss I will never forget it! Our beach’ where every year we had the pleasure of meeting up with our holiday friends..siestas, picnics, oh those amazing spun sugar lollies..’les niniches’…all these great memories come flowing back still as bright as ever…Today we have the pleasure of recreating these same treasured memories with our children and grandchildren…timeless essential ingredients for lasting happiness…

The castle of Ranrouët

Events and activities, circuits to discover the area and games : come and venture around the 800 year old ‘Château de Ranrouët’ . The witch Pélagie takes the children on a treasure hunt…dangerous at times…as it takes place under the watchful eye of the castle’s dragon!..

Experience the diversity of La Bretagne Plein Sud !

Gastronomy in Bretagne Plein Sud

Interview with Chef Ludovic FAVREL produced by CAP Atlantique ©Grégory Voivenel