Vannes and the Gulf of Morbihan

The dam at Arzal provides a quick way to get across la Vilaine and a dozen or so kilometres further you’ll find yourselves at the mouth of Le Golfe du Morbihan, in its capital, Vannes.
Vannes, cité des Vénčtes, Morbihan
Welcome to the city of the ‘Veneti’ with its ancient quarters: half-timbered houses, medieval ramparts and fortifications, quaint shops and cobbled streets.  You’re sure to enjoy the historical centre of this ‘ville d’art et d’histoire’ with its beautiful shops…then just around the corner you come face to face with the marina.   Located in the very heart of the town, the port is always bursting with activity!  Bars, restaurants, and events on the esplanade… You’ll be sure to find something going on here not only in the evenings but in the daytime too!

Vannes, the gateway to the Golfe du Morbihan

Vannes et le golfe du Morbihan
Once out of the port of Vannes, follow the River Vincin which will take you as far as the way into ‘la petite mer’, a body of salt water at the gates of the Ocean.  Before you one of the most beautiful bays in the world shared by sailing boats, kayaks, sea birds and of course a few ‘sinagots’ (traditional boats from the Golfe).
Now off we go in the direction of one of the many ports around the Golfe, Port-Navalo, Port-Blanc, Larmor-Baden and set-off immediately for one of the islands: l’île d’Arz, l’île aux Moines, Gavrinis, … Some, like for instance Berder are accessible at low tide.  Discover the rich flora particular to this area and sail from cairn to dolmen and marvel at these magnificent stones from ancient times.

To help organise your holiday in Bretagne Sud – Golfe du Morbihan visit and the site of l'Office de Tourisme Vannes - Golfe du Morbihan.