Bretagne Plein Sud looks great from up here!

It’s true that we’re a bit short on mountains around here!  Not to worry!  There are places you can go which afford us all the chance to ‘rise above it all’ and take in some breathtaking panoramic views over the Destination.

From the top of the bell tower in Saint-Lyphard you can admire the vastness of the marshlands of La Brière, the bell tower at Saint-Joachim, situated on the far side of the marsh and even in the distance the elegant bridge at Saint-Nazaire !

Take the time to make a detour to the unique site of the Calvary at Pont-Château and climb to the top of this manmade  mount.   If you look around you will once again spy the bridge at Saint-Nazaire and be able to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding marshes of La Brière.
One of the many guided tours on offer in Guérande includes a climb to the top of the collegiate church of Saint-Aubin, which provides an amazing view over the medieval town and its surrounding salt marshes.

Why not choose to climb to the top of the bell tower of Batz-sur-Mer’s church of Saint-Guénolé? A magnificent view across the mosaic formed by the salt marshes and the vast expanse of ocean as far as the eye can see, will be the sight that greets you and takes your breath away!
An excellent view is yours to be had at Le Croisic, from the top of ‘le Mont Esprit’ and ‘le Mont Lenigo’ out across ‘Le trait du Croisic’ and the mouth of the harbour.

From the top of the bell tower of Trescalan at La Turballe, you can admire the islands of Le Morbihan.

A trip across the bridge at Saint-Nazaire always arouses great emotions.  On one side, there is La Loire, this majestic river…and on the other the vast estuary which melts into the backdrop of the boundless immense Atlantic Ocean…  Be sure to turn your gaze towards the naval shipyards you may be lucky enough to see a cruise ship under construction!

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This magnificent tower which dominates the Peninsula of Guérande was constructed in the 17th century.  From the dizzy height of 56m it affords you an impressive view over the Ocean and the salt marshes. The church tower of Saint-Guénolé pr...