Nantes and Nantes’ vineyards

D.Buren et P.Bouchain, Les Anneaux, Quai des Antilles, Nantes, création pérenne Estuaire 2007

‘Le Voyage à Nantes’

An artistic journey through the town – a summer event

Along this 10 km green line marked out on the ground ‘Le Voyage à Nantes’ is an open invitation to us all throughout the year to allow ourselves to be guided: from a work of art which appears just around a street corner to an amazing example of the local heritage, from the absolute ‘must-sees’ of the destination to the little known treasures, from a historically important lane to an example of contemporary architecture, from an incredible view over the town to a magnificent sunset over the estuary…
Every summer this circuit is updated and enhanced to afford you a brand new perspective on the town which is always as ever a bit ‘strange’ and unusual.  (5 editions until now).
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Le Grand Eléphant. Les Machines de l'île © Jean-Dominique Billaud/LVAN

‘Les Machines de l'île’

Marvel at this brand new artistic project fruit of the imaginations of François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice.  This fantastic hybrid of the ‘fantasy world’ of Jules Verne, the mechanical genius of Leonardo da Vinci and the industrial history of Nantes itself is located on the unique site of the former naval shipyards.
Climb on board the Giant Elephant, visit the ‘plant world’ of ‘la Galerie des Machines’ and observe the majestic Heron as it flies over the massive model of ‘l’Arbre aux Hérons’, discover the creatures of the deep as they ‘swim’ around their ‘Carrousel des Mondes Marins’, an incredible three tier mechanical ‘aquarium’. 
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Château des ducs de Bretagne - Nantes vu par Patrick Messina. 2011

‘Château des Ducs de Bretagne’ – Museum of the history of Nantes

At the heart of the medieval quarter of Nantes come and discover the ‘Château des ducs de Bretagne’ and its history museum.  This Breton monument, with its buildings dating back to the period 15th – 18th century, bears witness to the history of the town.   It is indeed the last château on the banks of La Loire before reaching the Ocean.
Housed inside the ducal palace, this museum with its very modern scenography, is deployed over 32 halls.  The collection of some 850 artifacts and the many multimedia resources on hand enable the visitor to delve back into the amazing history of Nantes.  This site is completely accessible to visitors, therefore you are at liberty to dedicate the time you have at your disposal to your visit – you can opt for either a visit with the aid of a ‘visio-guide’ or a guided tour accompanied by one of the staff.
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The estuary Nantes <> Saint-Nazaire

From Nantes to Saint-Nazaire, the open-air-art-exhibition ‘Estuaire’ covers a distance of some 120 km of the Loire’s estuary and offers some 29 works of contemporary art.
Each and every one invites us to discover the unique and amazing sites along the estuary – from fragile nature reserves to gigantic industrial buildings.  These works of art are signed by internationally renowned artists.  Together they make up an open-air museum at the very heart of this fascinating area.
Estuaire Nantes < > Saint-Nazaire is a circuit which can be discovered all year round, on foot, by bicycle, by car, and as a cruise from April to October.

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The vineyards of Nantes

Its heritage just waiting to be discovered…

The vineyards of Nantes bring together a wonderful variety of cultural and natural sites to explore.  From La Loire, ‘le château and the marshlands of Goulaine’ as far as the south and the river Sèvre Nantaise and the town of Clisson, the incredible Italian landscape which greets you will transport you into a ‘French style Tuscany’! The vineyards, their vintages and gastronomy and wine cellars open to visitors.  An area to be discovered by bicycle, on foot, on horse-back, by canoe along the rivers…you’ll be spoilt for choice!  An ideal excursion for a grand day out!

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