Camille and Philippe ‘Go-Green’ in Le Pouliguen

Fancy a break complete with ‘creature comforts’ in a 100% eco-friendly hotel?  Then we’ve just the place for you!  Off we go to Casa Cosy to meet Camille and Philippe who’ve been managing this 8 roomed ‘hotel-boutique-tearoom’ since March 2012.
Camille et Philippe dans la boutique du Casa Cosy

Let’s venture into the boutique

As soon as we’re over the doorstep we can sense the charming, cosy and more than a tad British atmosphere of the boutique.  Camille welcomes us in and is soon joined by Philippe.  Together they manage Casa Cosy having previously run a hotel in Pornichet for Camille and having worked in a high range ready-to-wear clothes boutique for Philippe.  With about 60% of items on offer dedicated to home decoration the boutique also has an area set aside for the ‘sweet-toothed gourmets’ amongst us!   Many different teas and ‘sweet-treats’ are available for you to enjoy.  Teas can be taken throughout the day in the lounge adjacent to the shop, or outside if you would like to make the most of the beautiful garden

Garden, did you say garden?

Yes, indeed but here there’s no lawn!  “To have a beautiful lawn, I would have to water it all the time” declares Camille.  “So to respect our commitment to preserve the environment, we’ve substituted the lawn by putting down gravel, far less costly in terms of water usage!”.  We have to say it doesn’t detract in any way from the charm of this place…Wooden garden furniture, shrubs and plants from the area, cushions, lamps and here and there some decorative items in total harmony with those on sale in the boutique.   It feels good to spend time here…relaxing…!
  • Jardin du Casa Cosy, hôtel au Pouliguen
  • Jardin du Casa Cosy, hôtel au Pouliguen 2
Chambre hôtel Casa Cosy au Pouliguen

Now on up to the first floor via the outside staircase to take a look around the bedrooms

We discover 8 tastefully decorated bedrooms each with its own atmosphere and colour scheme.  The shades of beige and ochre, fuchsia and powder-pink…once again we feel ourselves fall under the spell of ‘cozy-charm’ !  It also doesn’t take long for us to be taken in by the palpable eco-friendly commitment proudly supported by the owners of this wonderful place.  

A whole page of the brochure in the welcome pack is dedicated to the environmentally friendly policy of the establishment:  the purchase of local produce, recycling waste, reduction of the consumption of both water and energy, it’s all there!  There are even little reminders posted up in the bathrooms to encourage us be eco-friendly at all times.

On the technical front: aerators have been fitted to all the wash-basin taps and the shower heads, small samples of shower-get replaced by dispensers, the products used for cleaning are exclusively eco-friendly.  Camille and Philippe have put lots of things in place, particularly to obtain the quality label  la Clef Verte which is recognition of their commitment to sustainable development.  
  • Chambre hôtel Casa Cosy au Pouliguen 2
  • Livret d'accueil chambre Le Casa Cosy Le Pouliguen

The highlight of the morning a 100% eco-friendly breakfast!

Philippe and Camille’s commitment naturally even extends as far as the way they serve breakfast!  Particular care is taken in the crockery used “we only use porcelain crockery here, you won’t see any little plastic pots for the jam!  That always comes out of a big jar of homemade produce!”  Guests can also enjoy dairy products straight from the farm at Mézérac, St-Lyphard, a homemade fruit salad with fresh strawberries from the ‘pick-your-own-farm’ of Burban, when they’re in season of course, fresh bread and pastries from the local baker and homemade cakes. 
It’s a recipe for success “We serve a lot more breakfasts than we did before.  We even have a neighbour who rents out his apartment and encourages his tenants to come and have their breakfast here with us!”  That’s right!  At La Casa Cosy everyone is welcome to come and have breakfast here – it’s not a privilege reserved only to the guests of the hotel! 

The walks are eco-friendly too!

Breakfast time often offers a good opportunity for the two hotel owners to chat with their guests, even give them some suggestions for walks or outings… “We do our best to encourage them to get around on foot, by bike, or even by boat to go to Le Croisic!  And discover all the amazing natural sites to be seen in the peninsula: la côte sauvage, Pen Bron, …”
  • Boutique du Casa Cosy hôtel au Pouliguen
  • Boutique du Casa Cosy hôtel au Pouliguen 2
  • Produits locaux au Casa Cosy au Pouliguen
  • La boutique du Casa Cosy hôtel au Pouliguen 3
  • Boutique du Casa Cosy hôtel au Pouliguen 4
  • Clef Verte au Casa Cosy au Pouliguen
  • Chambre hôtel Casa Cosy au Pouliguen 3
  • Salon du Casa Cosy, hôtel au Pouliguen
  • Décoration du Casa Cosy, hôtel Le Pouliguen
  • Façade du Casa Cosy - hôtel au Pouliguen