Hervé et Catherine, lovers of good quality produce

It’s a pleasure to work with local produce from the Peninsula and from an organic vegetable garden, sustainable development all in the best possible taste! Come and meet us at La Chaumière des Marais to enjoy cuisine which is both traditional and modern.
Hervé Michels, chef de la Chaumière des Marais
We can see that you love to use local products from the Peninsula: which do you like put in the spotlight ?

"Snails from Le Croisic, honey from Pompas near Herbignac, squabs from Mesquer, dairy products from a dairy farm at St-Lyphard and of course the fresh fish purchased at the auction in La Turballe.“
How do you go about sourcing this produce ?

"We do it with the help of organisations such as 'Produit en Presqu’île de Guérande'. This partnership between us and local producers requires a certain flexibility when it comes to the menus we offer not to mention raising the awareness of our clients. Let me give you an example: if there isn’t a harvest, then we can ’t have a delivery - so if there aren’t any strawberries at the beginning of the summer season we just have to wait and offer a suitable explanation to our customers.“
Glace aux petits pois - La Chaumière des Marais
What are the specialties on offer here at La Chaumière des Marais ?

"We serve edible flowers: we grow them here and then we present them at their very best: a nasturtium salad for example.
Every two years we have on offer a menu 'tout chocolat' - 'everything with chocolate': do you fancy a heart made of foie gras served with a dark chocolate sauce?“

Our chef also gives us the chance to taste vegetable in a whole range of forms: beetroot sprouts, shoots or well cooked, not only red but the yellow and pink varieties! Garden peas can be found served in their pods or even as a sorbet !
Potager La Chaumière des Marais
What can we find growing in your fruit and vegetable garden ?

"We’ve grow raspberries, tomatoes (fifteen or so varieties, some are very old varieties, some are rare) and the herbs we use in our kitchen. We also grow lettuces and edible flowers including the famous nasturtiums.“
Hervé Michels, chef de la Chaumière des Marais
Above and beyond the food that you serve can you tell us a bit more about your commitment to the environment ?

"We use a composting bin and our chickens and our pig deal with any other left overs and peelings! We manage our vegetable and fruit garden without the use of pesticides and collect rainwater. We are also members of the 'Mister Good Fish' program which promotes responsible management of fish stocks.“

What do you think your clients expectations are when they come to your restaurant ?

"We have our faithful local clientele who are aware and approve of our commitment. Others are attracted by the quality label 'Cuisineries Gourmandes': a 'real' chef in the kitchen who prepares good food from good quality fresh produce! Sometimes people say to us 'We noticed the greenhouse outside and we thought to ourselves you must grow your own vegetables here'. Then there are those who are quality product but presented in a novel fashion.“

Now it’s your turn to take your taste buds for culinary voyage of discovery over a meal at La Chaumière des Marais: RDV at Kermoureau, near Herbignac. www.lachaumieredesmarais.com