Virginie et Thomas, from field to fork

Let’s head for La Turballe to meet this couple avid supporters of cuisine which is 'organic and locally-sourced'. They are just waiting to welcome you to their restaurant housed in a building which dates back 250 years. They have combed the local farms of the Peninsula in the search of natural produce grown organically and with all respect to the environment.
Virginie et Thomas, de la terre ŕ l'assiette
If you’re looking to eat prime rib of beef all year round or a tomato salad in winter time then this is not the restaurant for you.... Here the menu changes every other day as Virginie and Thomas source their produce exclusively locally !

'We saw this as an opportunity to show case local resources and their producers' Back in the kitchen, Thomas weaves his magic with the ingredients of the day: fresh fish from the fish market, crisp vegetables from the market gardener, meat bought directly from the farm... Every morning our chef combines ingenuity and creativity to adapt his menus to the produce available. A quick phone call first thing to the local producers today’s dessert... 'Do you have any fresh strawberries? You do! Great! I’m on my way!
Bateau de pęche ŕ La Turballe
Their partner producers are chosen for their commitment to sustainable development and respect of the environment.

For example Virginie and Thomas source the lamb for their restaurant from Anne of Assérac. The shoreline pastures are full of salicornia which she is careful to leave for the migratory birds and awaits their departure before allowing her sheep to graze there.

Motivated by the desire to raise the awareness of their clients to all matters concerning eco-friendly food preparation the staff of Le Chaudron offer cooking classes and do demonstrations on site at the restaurant and also at the market: two great opportunities to share information and learn 'the tricks of the trade'!

Come and learn how to prepare an ethically correct picnic, where to pick-your-own fruit and veg or eat gluten free....
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  • Dessert Restaurant Le Chaudron ŕ La Turballe 2
  • Légumes - Restaurant Le Chaudron ŕ Herbignac 3
The 'eco-friendly attitude' doesn’t stop at the restaurant !
Façade du restaurant Le Chaudron ŕ La Turballe
All around lies the evidence of the strength of their commitment: the wild flowers and perennial plants in the surrounding gardens, the use of ecological materials for any renovation carried out or fixtures and fittings installed, the importance given to composting and recycling as much as possible.... Even the water left in the jugs on the tables is used to water the herbs in the vegetable garden!

When it comes to domestic waste it only represents the equivalent of that generated by a standard family of 4 people! Pretty amazing for a restaurant don’t you think ?
Find out more about by visiting Le Chaudron’s at and we’re just waiting for you to come over to La Turballe for 'a totally-gourmet-absolutely-100% eco-friendly rdv'!