A selection of ‘kiddy-centred’resorts!

Several of the seaside resorts have doubled their efforts to ensure that their offer truly welcomes families as ‘a whole’!
Tailored events and activities, personalized services in both the accommodation and restaurants, with preferential ‘family-friendly’ rates…
When it comes to putting family and children first the staff of theTourist Office in La Baule has a solution which is just the ticket!  Pop in and pick up their ‘Useful Guide’ totally dedicated and designed with your childrens’ happy holidays in mind!

As for the town of Piriac-sur-Mer, it was the first seaside resort in La Loire-Atlantique to be awarded the specialist quality label of ‘Famille Plus Mer’. Another added bonus here in this resort is the ‘book of vouchers’ for youngsters aged 3-15 years old – which gives reductions and special prices on the leisure activities and visits for families!
Here are the contact details of the 2 resorts’ Tourist Offices.  Don’t hesitate to contact them to find out more!