The islands of : Belle Ile en Mer, Houat, Hoëdic...

Fancy a complete change of scenery a mere 1h by boat from the continent?  Then hoist the main sail and set off for the islands of Le Morbihan with the choice of Belle-Ile en Mer, Houat ou Hoëdic. Set sail from La Turballe*, Vannes, Port-Navalo or Quiberon, and way anchor at one of this gems of the Atlantic Ocean we guarantee a pure feeling of ‘getting away from it all’ every time!

*in July - August
Belle-Ile en mer, Morbihan

Belle-Ile, beautiful by name…beautiful by nature!

All aboard for the largest of the ‘îles du Ponant*’ and climb to the vantage points to take in the breath taking scenery before you : ‘pointe des Poulains’, ‘aiguilles de Port-Coton’, ‘plage de Donnant’ ... inspirational scenery…dreams of travel abound…!

Discover the small villages of the island and relax down in the port de Sauzon with its brightly colour frontages at Palais, climb up to the Citadel of Vauban and embark on a journey back in history.
Don’t forget to take the opportunity during your stay here to try some of the island’s local produce :  feast on some of the delicious ‘galettes’ from the biscuit maker, sample the tasty local beer, ‘La Morgat’, take a stroll around the market and purchase some honey and goat cheese to take home with you !
*les îles du Ponant  consist of 15 islands which are inhabited all year round.  All belong to the same association.
Ile de Houat, Morbihan

Houat, home to the fishermen

Set sail for Houat to arrive at the port de Saint-Gildas safe haven to its many fishing boats.  A steep climb up the hill brings us into the heart of the village which has a certain ‘mediterranean’ look to it…the houses with their white frontages and hollyhocks which grow majestically up against the walls.
With our walking shoes on we head for the west side of the island where nature is at her most beautiful and most impressive.  This rocky granite coast with cliffs which reveal magnificent coves from beneath the ebbing tide…In a more easterly direction you’ll be sure fall under the charm of fine sandy beaches and the turquoise blue waters of the Atlantic…take the time to discover one of the rare convex beaches on the north east coastline of the island.
Hoedic, Morbihan

Hoëdic, meet the ‘little one’ 

A mere few kilometres from the island of Houat we can see Hoëdic, considerably smaller than its neighbour but with more than a striking ‘family’ ressemblance.  The centre of this island also consists of small streets with white houses dotted here and there.  We’re drawn to the terraces of the cafés where a convivial and relaxing break is on offer.

Not far from the village the island’s fort is home to a collection of many works which reveal the Hoëdic’s history to its visitors.  Take a stroll along the coastal path and discover the unique and protected flora of this island : the sand lilly, the sand carnation, blue sea holly.

To the west the more rocky and jagged coastline offers a beautiful view over the aptly-named Belle-Ile en Mer.

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  • Hoedic, Morbihan
  • Hoedic, Morbihan
  • Houat, Morbihan
  • Belle-Ile en mer, Morbihan
  • Houat, Morbihan