Vacances éco-friendly

La côte sauvage Bretagne Plein Sud

Destination ... Back to Nature!

Let’s head for the fantastic natural environments Bretagne Plein Sud has to offer…across the salt marshes, to observe the birds in the Regional Natural Park of La Brière or simply to enjoy observing the flora characteristic of ‘la côte sauvage’ !
100% natural 100% amazing !  They’re here for your choosing, take your pick!

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Sélection de balades et visites

Our selection of cozy places to stay…

... for a holiday which is 100% back to nature!

How do you fancy camping in tranquil surroundings down on the farm…or stay in a B & B lost among the trees…or enjoying a hearty ‘brekkie’ made from tasty local produce?   Then read on to find out more about our selection of ‘eco-friendly’ accommodation!
The service providers selected here do their very best to welcome you in a setting which is created with the respect of the environment in mind. We give you all the ‘info’ right here!
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Expériences eco-friendly

Our selection of walks and excursions

... on foot, by barge or horse-drawn trap !

Come and discover or rediscover the natural wonders of the Guérande Peninsula!  In the company of a naturalist-guide, a bird expert, or maybe even an expert in flora head off out to explore the natural open spaces of Bretagne Plein Sud ! 

Discover our selection of ‘guided’ walks and excursions to explore the biodiversity and the natural sites of the Guérande Peninsula.  We’ve also added a few gardens and parks which are also well worth visiting!

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Ils se bougent pour la planète

Tried and tested for YOU! 

...100% eco-friendly and just waiting for you to give them a go! 

Picking seaweed on the foreshore, cooking local produce, gathering shellfish on foot whilst respecting ‘the best-eco-practices’…what’ll it be for you ?  Which ‘eco-experience’ do you fancy trying? …here in Bretagne Plein Sud ?
To make your choice easier, we’ve tested a few of these 100% ‘eco-friendly experiences’…read on and all will be revealed!

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Marché de La Baule

They do their bit for the environment…

... a few portraits of people who ‘ecologically-committed’

A chef, a tourist guide, a hotelier, all are ardent supporters of sustainable development and do everything they can to help others share their commitment.  We hope that through the portraits that follow you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of what motivates them, get to know them….and who knows…when you’re next on holiday or out for a walk in Bretagne Plein Sud you may even really get to meet them!  

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Pêche à pied en Bretagne Plein Sud

I take just a little bite, you eat, he likes to just ‘taste’…

... presenting our selection of local produce…

"What if we had a picnic made with stuff from around here?" ... Now there’s a great idea! point of fact what exactly could we put in our picnic basket ?  A few oyster from Assérac or some mussels ‘de bouchot’ from Pénestin, a few summer strawberries from La Baule and a bit of honey from La Brière maybe…It’s enough to give you an appetite all these delicious goodies and what’s more you can take some back as presents or souvenirs from your holidays!
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Découverte de la Brière

20 ways to get the ‘eco-habit’…

... enjoy your holidays, respect the environment!

Whether you are at the beach, on the campsite or having a picnic on the banks of the canal, here are a few basic ways in which you can have a really pleasant holiday and help preserve the enviroment at the same time !

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Info about the environment

Do you want some information on the rules/conditions for gathering shellfish on foot, the quality of the bathing waters or any other information on the quality of the environment in Bretagne Plein Sud ?  Then consult our section called Environmental Info.