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What are edible algae? Where to find them? When to harvest them? How to cook them? The workshop answers all these questions (ecology, identification, picking, culinary advice and tasting). Professionals in the collection of seaweed for the supply...
27.00 €
Did you say Pomme de Touline? But what is it ? The Pomme de Touline workshop takes place within the grounds of the "La Maison de la Pêche" Museum, it is open to children from 12 years old and adults. Have you ever tried throwing a rope? ...
Have you always wanted to know how to tie sea knots? This workshop is for you! Activity reserved for children from 7 to 12 years old. Compulsory accompanying adult (free - do not take a ticket)
In french. Early in the morning (and in a good mood to be sure!), step into the exciting world of fishing.  Watch the auction live. The guide will explain in detail the buying process and the different stages that the fish goes through to ...
In french. Let yourself be charmed by the architecture of the villas in the town centre, built in the 19th century. Some are protected as "exceptional" and are among the 15 most beautiful villas in La Baule!
In french. Immerse yourself in the history of the Casino district with its large hotels and beautiful villas dating from the 20th century. This visit allows you to understand the birth and history of tourism in La Baule.
Located on one of the highest points of La Turballe, the Trescalan bell tower offers an exceptional panorama. While discovering the history of the church of Trescalan, face the 110 steps to reach a belvedere at nearly 60 metres from sea level, with ...
The striped cliffs of Le Palandrin will introduce you to ancient treasures dating back more than 400 million years… The volcanos that once occupied the area and have left their mark behind. The 2nd part of the tours is dedicated to envi...
5.00 €
Flat macrame bracelet, twisted macrame bracelet, Bigouden key ring... you will choose the shape and the colors to create the jewel that looks like you or the jewel to offer. Do you already know? Try making a snail, an octopus, snowmen or a ...
8.00 €