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In french. Built in 1746, the mill is one of the last survivors of the windmill era, still turning and making flour. A typical visit tells the story of the mill, its mechanism and how it works.  IMPORTANT: Reservations close at noon on the ...
2.50 €
In french. From this unique viewpoint in the Brière, take in the whole region via the Saint-Nazaire bridge and the bell tower of the Collégiale Saint-Aubin. Climb 135 steps with miller's ladders. Not suitable for children under 5 y...
In french. Let yourself be charmed by the architecture of the villas in the town centre, built in the 19th century. Some are protected as "exceptional" and are among the 15 most beautiful villas in La Baule!
In french. The sea has receded for a few hours... This is the time for you to discover the part of the beach that is usually underwater. The association's guide will show you shellfish, crustaceans and small marine animals in their eco...
6.00 €
In french. With Swan, go in search of the golden reed stolen by the elves, the korrigans!  Visit specially designed for 3/6 year olds.
In french. Immerse yourself in the history of the Casino district with its large hotels and beautiful villas dating from the 20th century. This visit allows you to understand the birth and history of tourism in La Baule.
9.00 €
In french. Please contact the Tourist Office before the booking.
20.00 €