Gathering shellfish on foot

The ‘not-to-be-missed’ family outing is gathering shellfish on foot along the shore. This particular outing is as popular with the adults as it is with the children! 
In La Baule Guérande peninsula, you will find the famous mussels ‘Moules de bouchots’, but also the cockles, clam beds, periwinkles, limpets and oysters along the length of the coastline.

Important monitoring of quality...

The quality of the shellfish breeding sites is monitored closely so as to guarantee that the shellfish gathered here do not pose any health risks. Please find below the official websites which enable you to check the quality status at the various sites:
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...and stocks

The state of stock levels in certain shellfish beds, especially those which are very popular, are also closely monitored; this is particularly the case for the clam beds of La Plage Benoit at La Baule and Le Pouliguen. The gathering of shellfish can sometimes be temporarily suspended by court order in an effort to maintain the stock at a certain level
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A few basic rules to be respected

In order to carry out this activity in total safety and to do our utmost for the conservation of this natural habitat, it is necessary to comply with the current rules/regulations and to take a few minor precautions.

- Respect the minimum sizes of the shellfish, fish and crustaceans and the quotas/per person authorized.
- Gathering shellfish is forbidden in areas considered to be unhealthy and/or a threat to public health.
- It is also compulsory to respect a distance of a minimum of 10 metres from the perimeter of the parks/farms used for oysters, mussels and any other shellfish.
- Always put back in place a rock you’ve lifted up
- You are not allowed to sell the shellfish you have gathered.

Don’t hesitate to ask for advices at the Tourist Office!
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‘Le Cali-pêche’

A helpful gadget which enables you calibrate the shellfish you’ve gathered. This item was developed by Cap Atlantique in partnership with the COREPEM (Comité Régional des Pêches Maritimes et des Élevages Marins des Pays de La Loire).
This tool is free and available in our 9 tourist offices as well as at the reception of Cap Atlantique.

To complement these tools, information boards have been installed close to the main sites.
And please, don't move the rocks to keep flora and fauna intact...
Video in french.
  • Gathering shellfish on foot - © Cap Atlantique
  • Gathering shellfish on foot
  • Gathering shellfish on foot
  • Gathering shellfish on foot
  • Gathering shellfish on foot
  • Pêche à pied - coquillages
Gathering shellfish on footGathering shellfish on footGathering shellfish on footGathering shellfish on footPêche à pied - coquillages