Local gastronomy

This delicious local produce can be popped into your suitcase to take home or simply enjoyed during your stay here in La Baule Guérande peninsula. Whether you choose to enjoy them now or later we guarantee you’ll find something to delight your tastebuds !

The sweet treats

We give a special mention to the ‘sweet treats’ which are not to be missed:
  • ‘Le Fondant Baulois’, a delicious moist chocolate cake which always lives up its well-earned reputation!
  • ‘La Niniche’  a fondant lolly pop made from butter, sugar, natural flavours and milk, and a few closely guarded ‘trade secrets’…go on treat yourself! There’s a choice of 20 or so different flavours.
  • ‘Les Galettes’ buttery-melt-in-the-mouth biscuits 
  • Macaroons 
  •  - © Alexandre Lamoureux

Sea salt of Guérande

Flagship of French gastronomy it is exported all around the world This pure and natural ‘flavour enhancer’, rich in magnesium and trace elements is to be found on the tables of all of the world’s most famous chefs. This salt and its production has had and still has a major role in the shaping our landscapes and has permeated into every as-pect of our local culture.

'La Fleur de Sel’ 

It's ideal to enhance the natural flavours of grilled meats and fish or simply to be sprinkled at will on your raw salad ingredients and veg! ‘La Fleur’, as it’s lovingly called locally, is to be found on all the top chefs’ tables, we know ours would not be complete without it…!
  • Local gastronomy - niniches of La Baule and Le Pouliguen - © Patrick Gérard

Fresh seafood

Thanks to the fresh catches brought into the ports of La Turballe and Le Croisic, our destination is able to be supplied all year round with fresh seafood as well as fish and other shellfish. La Turballe formally the no. 1 French port of the Atlantic coast for anchovy fishing sees its industry today focus more on the catching of other species including seabass, sardines, mackerel or cuttlefish. At Le Croisic, the main species caught and sold are: soles, seabass, red mullets, shrimp, scallops…and Crayfish the local starlets!

'La Moule de Bouchot'

At Pénestin, the excellent quality of the coastal waters and the naturally perfect location of the mussel farms (the pure highly oxygenated waters of the sea and those of the river Vilaine) have helped earn ‘La Moule de Bouchot from Penéstin’ and its production area the quality label of ‘Site Remarquable du Goût’ - site of culinary interest and excellence!
  • Local gastronomy - Moules de Bouchot of Pénestin - © Alexandre Lamoureux

The label of 'Marque Briere'

This ‘brand’ means you’ll have the guarantee that this meat is of good quality and organic, originating from a farm which supports sustainable development. Beef under this label is also on sale in many butchers shops and supermarkets. Check out the website Parc naturel régional de Brière to find the list of the outlets.
  • Local gastronomy - Briere - © PNRB - Tiphaine Thudor
  • Local gastronomy - niniches of La Baule and Le Pouliguen
  • Local gastronomy - Briere
  • Local gastronomy - Moules de Bouchot of Pénestin
  • Spécialités de la région - Sel de Guérande
Local gastronomy - niniches of La Baule and Le PouliguenLocal gastronomy - BriereLocal gastronomy - Moules de Bouchot of PénestinSpécialités de la région - Sel de Guérande