Let us explore Bretagne Plein Sud with the family!

Feel a touch of adventure in Bretagne Plein Sud with your family ! 

The staff of the many of the great places to visit are doing everything they can to ensure that the entire family really enjoys what they have on offer.
22 sites across the whole ‘département’ have committed to making your visit popular with everyone in the family!  7 of these sites are located in our Destination – How lucky is that !!!

Le Château de Ranrouët in Herbignac
Les Remparts et la Porte Saint Michel of Guérande
Terre de Sel in Pradel
Le Grand Blockhaus in Batz sur mer
Le Musée des Marais Salants in Batz sur mer
L'Océarium of Le Croisic
La Maison de la Mariée in Saint Joachim

Games and activities adapted to the children’s’ age, resources to help them learn and understand…everything is centred on you having a great and fun filled time with your children.
 ‘On a mummy’s honour’ I wouldn’t hesitate a single moment to strongly recommend these sites to you !!!
Pradel 44350 GUERANDE +33 2 40 62 08 80 Website
Open all year. Situated in the heart of the salt marshes of Guérande, Terre de Sel offers you: Informative tours on foot around the salt pans, your guides will be salt workers (paludiers) and naturalists:  family and cultural trips of...
Avenue de Saint-Goustan 44490 LE CROISIC +33 2 40 23 02 44 Website
Open 7 days a week with the exception of New Years Day, 25th of December and the month of January after Christmas Holidays. The Océarium of Le Croisic invites you on a voyage! Take a wander by the ‘Lagoon' to admire the fish of the ...
Place Saint-Jean BIlletterie-Boutique 44350 GUERANDE +33 2 40 15 60 45 Website
Attack Guérande's ramparts ! Take the wall walk, go through the towers and cross the threshold of Saint-Michel Gate, a symbolic structure in the medieval town which is home to the Musée du Pays de Guérande (regional museum, currently being...
Route de la côte sauvage La Dilane - (GPS : 12 bis route du Derwin) 44740 BATZ SUR MER +33 2 40 23 88 29 +33 2 40 23 88 29 Website
A site which is unique in Europe!  Come a visit with your family a museum which is situated inside an authentic command post of the ‘wall of the Atlantic', one of the largest blockhaus ever constructed.  You will be totally immerse...
Salorge de Rostu Rue de Rostu 44420 MESQUER +33 2 40 62 52 04
Visit a salt marsh in Le Rostu: from water to crystal Nicolas ARNOULD is a salt worker (paludier) in the Mès basin and invites you to discover his work and passion during a guided walk following the intricate water circuit of the salina and ...
Place Adèle Pichon 44740 BATZ SUR MER +33 2 40 23 82 79 Website
A museum in the salty taste ! Happy old and modernity , the course of the museum located in the heart of a Salorge nineteenth century. Collectibles, artistic works and new technologies interact on nearly 850m² . The history of sea salt is ...