A day in shades of green spent in La Brière

These wetlands are amongst the richest in Europe for fauna and flora – La Brière will never cease to amaze its visitors at every turn…surrender to the marvels it has in store ‘mother nature’ at her best in this lovingly preserved environment.

All you need do is set aside one day to follow this custom built program - Just enjoy !
  • 10h30 – A guided tour of the village of Kerhinet :
    The presence of so many thatched cottages here in La Brière makes of it a key heritage site.  Come and learn all about its marshlands, its boccage, its people and their traditional skills and know-how.  Discover the ‘Parc de Brière’ thanks to the example of the village of Kerhinet.
  • 12h15 – Lunch at the inn a chance to taste ‘Briéronne Gastronomy’ : Eels, frogs legs, duck and beef born and bred in the marshlands.
  • 14h30 – An guided trip aboard ‘un chaland’: All aboard with your guide, in a traditional barge or flat bottomed boat called ‘un chaland’ – discover along the criss-cross network of channels, the wild fauna and flora of one of the largest freshwater marshes in France. 
  • 15h30 – Up to the top of the bell tower at Saint-Lyphard
    Experience this unusual visit which affords you a breathtaking view over the Briéron marshes…the team from the Tourist Office provide you with the opportunity to ‘get away from it all’ as they accompany you on this guided tour.  Half way through you’ll have the chance to access the vaults and the roof-space of the church itself.  From this unique vantage point take in the entire marshlands of La Brière, from the bridge at Saint-Nazaire to the collegiate church of Guérande.  Ever changing with the seasons this magnificent view displays its new colours.
  • 16h00 – Set off for the islands of La Brière: 
    Take the D50 which cuts across the Brièron marshes and provides an interesting view.
  • 16h30 – Arrival on ‘l’île de Fédrun’ (Saint-Joachim): 
    Set off on foot to discover this island which offers a prime example of the insular way of life for which the Brierons are well known.  Visit ‘la Chaumière Briéronne’ (the Brieron thatched cottage) of which the traditional interior has been totally restored.  You can also watch the archive film ‘Brière et briérons’ dating back to 1947: a complete overview of the secret life of ‘La Brière’ and ‘les Brièrons’ not so very far removed from that described by Chateaubriand.
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