Come and discover the perfect harmony which exists between the beaches and heritage of this quaint seaside resort. Located between the Atlantic ocean and salt marshes Batz-sur-Mer will charm you with its granite houses, home to the local salt workers, the bell tower of the church of Saint-Guénolé, ‘La Chapelle du Mûrier’…not forgetting facinating museum ‘le Musée des Marais Salants’...
  •  - © Alexandre Lamoureux

Architectural heritage and the villages of ‘les paludiers’

The town was constructed with at its heart ‘la place du Garnal’ (former word used for ‘cemetery’) which is dominated by the church. There are a few low row houses here but the majority have a first floor if not two stories. The slate roofs are often decorated with dormer windows. Take a stroll and discover the many alleys (extremely narrow streets or ‘venelles’) which are typical in this town. The architecture of the houses in the surrounding villages displays certain variation. In the Paludiers’ villages a certain cohesion and solidarity reigns: the houses are built very much closer together, forming a block. The roofs are interlocking and even at times inter-tangled.
  •  - © Alexandre Lamoureux

The surrounding villages of Batz-sur-Mer:

  • Kervalet : is very much the typical ‘paludiers’ village’ with its characteristic stone houses. At its very heart lies a magnificent flamboyant gothic styled chapel dedicated to the Evangelist Saint Marc.
  • Roffiat : its narrow small streets and its closely knit houses make up the charm of this tiny village which is located the furthest from the main town of Batz sur Mer. Take the time to admire its unusual wooden cross decorated with 13 hearts in memory of the 12 apostles and Christ and its statuette of ‘Notre Dame du Bonheur’ which was formerly a place of pilgrimage for young engaged couples.
  • Trégaté : is well worth stopping off to see its; bread-oven, its fountain, its granite calvery and the superb dormer windows dating back to the XVIIIth century.
  • Kermoisan : follow ‘la rue du Vieux Moulin’ into the heart of the village and discover the pretty small houses which will spread out before you. Beyond lies a lush green wild landscape devided up by dry stone walls and dominated by the mill tower overseeing the area and landmark for the sailors.
  • Village of 'paludier' - Batz-sur-Mer - © Arnaud Dréan

Podcast - Surfing session from La Govelle

​Grab your board and follow Léo to the beach of La Govelle !

Podcast in french.


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