Camoël and Férel

Why not stop-off at the charming towns of Camöel and Férel ?

Sweet Férel

In Férel you have to learn to take your time: the time to live and let live, the time to take a leisurely stroll, the time to wander along the local paths and appreciate its countryside with its multifaceted scenery. You need to learn to take a deep breath and savour the fragrance of the pines and the damp meadows as you cross the forest. As for the ill-named Vilaine (= the ugly one!) well she is actually quite beautiful! Follow her voluptuous meanders from the village of l’Isle as far as the dam at Arzal. Pick out, amongst the reed beds the ideal secluded spot for a picnic. The community of Férel is made up of some 80 hamlets or villages which are rich in groups and organisations which promote cultural events and activities. They are also very active in the promotion of sustainable development
  •  - © Alexandre Lamoureux

Camoël, twixt La Brière and La Vilaine

What do you reckon, are you more ‘Mitaü’ or ‘Beurton’? The former were the inhabitants of Camoël, the latter of Arzal. La Vilaine forms a natural boundary between the two communities which are, nonetheless, linked by the dam at Arzal. The port of ‘Vieille Roche’, this former fishing village from whence the ferry used to depart to access the opposite bank, today dedicates its winter season to the fishing of the famous elvers. Camoël also reveals its identity through its picturesque and historical villages. Vielle Roche with its majestic town houses, le Passage, formerly the veritable hub of the salt trade of Guérande, their manors: Kerguen, Kerbili, La Corolais (it is said that King Henri IV once came here on holiday). Rumour has it too… that Gargantua once lost his ‘palets’* (pucks) in the heat of a game. Would you believe it they’re still here, on the banks of La Vilaine… (here’s a clue, keep a look out for two enormous flat rocks which overlap each other)…
* Breton game involving throwing flat disc-like pucks or ‘palets’.
  •  - © Alexandre Lamoureux
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