Crosses and calvaries

How about we organize a treasure hunt to see who can find the twenty or so crosses and calvaries which were erected at various crossroads in and around Saint-Molf?

A cross for every event

They were built here to fulfil a vow to remember a local event. It was the custom that each and every hamlet had its own cross. During the feast of ‘minor rogations’ held over the three days preceding Ascension Day processions would travel around the countryside. The priest, surrounded by choir children, would stop off at each cross and bless it and in this way ask for Divine protection over the labour in the fields and the harvests.


Be sure to take the time to visit the village of Boulay, still highly populated today by farmers, ‘paludiers’ - salt workers - and customs officers and ‘gendarmes’ who at the beginning of the 20th century, kept guard over the salt marshes. This will also provide you with the opportunity to observe the abundance of flora and fauna found in this area…
  • Saint-Molf - Boulay - © Mairie Saint-Molf
  • Saint-Molf - Boulay
Saint-Molf - Boulay