From the salt of Guerande to the beauty of the sea - Du sel à la mer

Vélo de villeItinéraire Vélo de ville
- Départ : Guérande
- Arrivée : La Baule
- Departure/Arrival
- Point of interest
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Circuit n° 2
Before leaving Guérande are you absolutely sure to have explored it completely? A stroll along its narrow medieval streets is really worth doing, make the most of this opportunity!
From the town centre we suggest you follow the route marked Vélocéan: it will take you towards the former railway line which once linked La Baule to Guérande. Now converted into a cycle path it is an ideal route to take at your leisure towards La Baule.
Once you’ve crossed the footbridge at Beslon you will reach the seafront for a spot of welldeserved relaxation at the beach.
  • Useful Information :
    • Average duration (based on a speed of 4km/hour)Average duration (based on a speed of 4km/hour) 50 min
    • Distance in kilometresDistance in kilometres 11.3 km
    • Point of departure/place of departurePoint of departure/place of departure Guérande
    • Point of arrival/place of arrivalPoint of arrival/place of arrival La Baule
    • Marked trailMarked trail Balises vélo


    • circuit vélo 10 - Du sel à la mer - G.Lecossec
    • circuit vélo 10 - Du sel à la mer - Claire MAHEUX
    circuit vélo 10 - Du sel à la mer - G.Lecosseccircuit vélo 10 - Du sel à la mer - Claire MAHEUX