'La Baule les Pins'

La Baule has 650 hectares of pine forests and 47 hectares of forests. The pines are everywhere and make part of the La Baule art of living, that's why one of its district bears this name.

The origins...

In the 1920s, a Parisian business man Louis Lajarrige made the most of the sucess of his estate at Le Bois d’Amour to create the area of La Baule-les-Pins with its information centre and Le Parc des Dryades. In 1927 the two new railways stations were inaugurated at La Baule-les-Pins and La Baule Escoublac. Over the space of 30 years or so the town became the largest seaside resort in Brittany.
  • 'La Baule les Pins' - © Archives municipales de La Baule

'Le Parc des Dryades'

Have you ever seen ‘Chinesse Mulberry tree’ or a ‘Himalayan Birch’ ? Take a romantic break, a stroll with the family or a brisk invigorating walk around ‘Le Parc des Dryades’, located near ‘la Place des Palmiers’ and discover more than 50 species of trees and flowers! And there’s more…a large play area for the children and an open air amphitheatre venue for the BIGGEST free ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ in France, the Flower Market and the closing concert for La Baule’s Jazz Festival.
  • 'Le Parc des Dryades' - © Alexandre Lamoureux

'La Forêt d'Escoublac'

This forest reveals 7 principals species of oaks, poplars and various species of pine trees, displayed on one of the highest dunes in France.
​A circuit allows you to dicover and understand the forest.
Fancy a picnic? There are tables at your disposal on boulevard de Cacqueray and boulevard de La forêt.
  •  - © Alexandre Lamoureux
  • 'Le Parc des Dryades'
  • 'La Baule les Pins'
  • Table de pique-nique dans la Forêt d'Escoublac - La Baule
'Le Parc des Dryades''La Baule les Pins'Table de pique-nique dans la Forêt d'Escoublac - La Baule