'La Côte Sauvage'

Head for ‘La Côte sauvage’ the wild rugged coast, a completely different landscape appears before you. Marvel at the rocks chiselled into fantastic shapes over time by the rise and fall of the tides. Sense the power of the immense ocean as it stretches out to the horizon and beyond! This wild rugged coast is dotted by many secret coves and creeks, it's up to you to discover them !

‘La Côte sauvage’

From the headland of ‘Penchâteau’ to the ‘Bay of Le Scall’, the rugged coastline stretches out before you all the treasures of this natural and protected area where you can explore the bays, caves and wild coves carved out of the rocky coast.
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On foot or by bike !

Walkers, hikers, and bike riders can follow the 'sentier des douaniers' or 'GR 34' path and take the time to admire this natural and protected natura 2000 site.
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The wild coast, a protected site!

Its remarkable natural heritage (natural habitats, flora, birds) was recognized as being of European interest in 2008 by the classification as a Natura 2000 site.
Since 2010, the municipality of Pouliguen has set up a protective management of spaces located on the coastal path. Based on a diagnosis carried out for Natura 2000, the municipality manages the summit lawns according to their interest: mowing, annual mowing, limitation of ornamental species (eleagnus, lavatera, etc.) and invasive species (Baccharis halimifolia), reinforcement of the protection of sensitive areas...
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'La Pointe de Penchâteau' in Le Pouliguen

Between the beach of Nau and the bay of Scall, the tip of Penchâteau stands out with its beautiful villas.
In the 19th century, architects competed in ingenuity and originality to create unique villas in various styles. The architect François Bougouin, very attached to Penchâteau, built around thirty villas there. To defend against the sea, the owners build a protective wall that uses the rocky contours.

Also worth discovering: the Penchâteau chapel, known as the Sainte Anne chapel, is the oldest monument in Pouliguen. Actually dedicated to Saint Julien, it is listed in the inventory of historical monuments as a 15th century chapel. Formerly, this chapel marked the heart of the small village of Penchâteau.
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