Pen Bron, a unique place on the peninsula

Between La Turballe and the salt marshes of Guérande, stretches a large sandy strip: the tip of Pen Bron. Bordered by a pine forest, it soars into the ocean and runs along the Traict du Croisic. Largest natural dune massif in the Loire-Atlantique department, Pen Bron, offers you beautiful iodized walks.

A dune area

La Turballe has the longest and most beautiful dune cord on the peninsula. There are 2 types of dunes:

- The white dune or mobile dune. It forms the transition between the tidal swing zone and the terrestrial environment. There is vegetation whose role is to fix the dune. There are protected plants such as the blue thistle, also called the Panicaut de mer.
- The gray dune, which takes its name from the color of its plant "carpet" made up of mosses and small lichens. Also called a fixed dune, due to the lack of sand movement.

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Pen Bron Live Podcast

Read our local expert, tells you about Pen-Bron, this "fabulous" place located in the town of La Turballe. This site offers an exceptional view of the salt marshes of Guérande and the port of Le Croisic just opposite...
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A site steeped in history

In 1824, François Deffès, a merchant from Nantes, founded the first sardine cannery in La Turballe here. Pen Bron is also known for its marine center, founded in 1887 by Hippolyte Palu, inspector of public assistance. Entrusted to the care of nuns in the 1930s to 1950s, this hospital welcomed many children. A cemetery houses the graves of these little ones killed by tuberculosis and poliomyelitis. During World War II, a guardhouse of eight German soldiers occupied the center. It was reopened in 1947. In recent years, the establishment has specialized in re-education and functional rehabilitation. Today the center is closed and the services have been transferred to Saint-Nazaire.
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Explore Pen Bron by bike

Between the pine forest and the traict du Croisic, a cycle path allows you to appreciate this preserved place which seems to be "the end of the world".

Pen Bron, a privileged place for birds

Pointe de Pen Bron is a protected dune massif. All picking is prohibited there and it is essential to use the footpaths so as not to alter the flora. The maritime pines were planted to fight against the silting up of the land. This forest barrier offers an ideal refuge for birds. Pen Bron is also classified as a Special Protection Area under the Birds Directive and regularly hosts some 45 species of community interest, ten of which breed there.
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  • Pen-Bron La Turballe
  • Pen-Bron La Turballe
  • Pen Bron, Lieu Privilégié des Oiseaux
Pen-Bron La TurballePen-Bron La TurballePen Bron, Lieu Privilégié des Oiseaux