Piriac-sur-Mer, the ‘Petite cité de caractère’

Come and discover this small seaside resort with lots of charm!

Piriac in the history...

From the times of the salt trade, the fishing of cod or the heyday of the sardine canneries the little town of Piriac has been able to preserve its granite house some of which date back more 300 years. In the XIXth century the resort was frequented by authors such as Daudet or Zola.

The town was a rich source of inspiration for many including those who took pleasure in bathing in the sea who were able to gain easy access to the resort with the arrival of the railway line as far as Le Croisic.
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Pittoresque and fascinating!

Piriac-sur-Mer, this little listed seaside resort, has really sought and succeeded in preserving and highlighting the aspects of its rich and tumultuous past which still fascinate us all today. May 2002 saw the high quality architectural heritage of the resort of Piriac-sur-Mer awarded the quality label of ‘Petite Cité de Caractère’. The centre of the village is indeed home to several old houses some of which date back to more than 300 years ago. They have survived both troubled times and adverse weather conditions.
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We strongly recommend you take one of the guided tours available from our Tourist Office to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the wonderful sites this pretty resort has on offer!

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  • Piriac-sur-Mer
  • The Port of Piriac-sur-Mer
  • Visite guidée dans les rues de Piriac-sur-Mer
Piriac-sur-MerThe Port of Piriac-sur-MerVisite guidée dans les rues de Piriac-sur-Mer