Relax and watch... You're in the marsh of Brière

In Saint-Lyphard, you are in the heart of the Brière regional natural park. In this green setting, the ports of Saint-Lyphard invite you to explore the Brière marshes.

The marsh of Brière

The Regional Natural Park of La Brière is one of 53 regional natural parks in France. It is committed to preserving the natural and cultural riches that make up our region and passionately promotes the values championed by the Parks. Its special feature: it is home to one of the largest wetlands in France and Europe: 20,000 ha of marshlands make it a much loved playground for birds, whether they are migrating or during the mating season.
Grab your binoculars!
  • Marsh of Briere - © Teddy Locquard

Let's explore the marsh aboard a chaland

To unravel the mystery of this vast marsh, you have to explore in by ‘chaland’ barge, the only boat permitted in the indivisible marsh. La Brière is therefore, a space for nature lovers above all else. It can be visited on foot, by bike or on horseback, whether you’re exploring around the saltwater or freshwater marshes or taking a peek around the villages of thatched cottages.

Ready to make a tour in a 'chaland' ?

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  • Marsh of Briere - © Alexandre Lamoureux
  • Marsh of Briere
  • Marsh of Briere
Marsh of BriereMarsh of Briere