Stroll along the port

Located between La Baule and ‘la côte sauvage’, come and discover the resort of Le Pouliguen with its port, its lively promenade and its sandy beach.

A bit of history...

Welcome to the charming seaside resort of Le Pouliguen which flourishes around the activity of its pleasure boat marina. Alongside its neighbouring seaside resort of La Baule, Le Pouliguen is also home to some beautiful beaches, both big and small which stretch out as far as ‘La Côte Sauvage’ dotted by its many secret coves and creeks.
  • Le Pouliguen in the past - © Archives municipales du Pouliguen

The promenade…the place for a stroll!

In the shade of the plane trees, just long from the quai Jules Sandeau, the Promenade is really the place to go for a relaxing stroll. An ideal view point from which you can watch the comings and goings of the boats in and out of the port set to the calling of the seagulls. The far end of the jetty offers an excellent view across the impressive bay of Le Pouliguen. At the end of a day spent at the beach the children can enjoy a ride on the merry-go-rounds or have fun sailing their model boats on the pool. Why not give into temptation of a ‘sweet-treat’? The local ice-cream makers and confectioners are just waiting to delight you with their goodies!
  •  - © Alexandre Lamoureux

The Nau beach

Charming is too short a word to describe this beach where businesses and homes exist in perfect harmony along its sands…not a car in sight… only the locals and visitors alike enjoying a gentle stroll or just relaxing.
  •  - © Alexandre Lamoureux

The authentic charm of the port

The Port of Le Pouliguen and La Baule, is for the greater part by the crafts of pleasure boat owners. There are also a few attractive fishing boats to be seen here which make their entrance into the port with the ebb and flow of the tides. Glimp a visiting tall ship as it graces the port with its elegance and not forgetting ‘la Chaloupe Sardinière’ (a reconstruction of a vintage boat) which is permanently moored here. As from the spring ‘La chaloupe’ and her captain are just waiting to take you out to sea for an unforgettable trip of 1h30! See the coastline from a whole new angle!
  •  - © Alexandre Lamoureux
  • Le Pouliguen in the past
  • The walk of Le Pouligen
  • Port de plaisance du Pouliguen
  • Plage du Nau - Le Pouliguen
  • Promenade sur le Port du Pouliguen
Le Pouliguen in the pastThe walk of Le PouligenPort de plaisance du PouliguenPlage du Nau - Le PouliguenPromenade sur le Port du Pouliguen