The banks of 'La Vilaine'

Take a look at the view over the estuary of ‘la Vilaine’...

A little bit of geography...

The source of 'La Vilaine' lies in Juvigné in La Mayenne and it flows into the Atlantic ocean after a journey of some 225 km. Anything but ‘ugly’ (Fr. Vilaine) this majestic river’s name in fact comes from the celtic word ‘doenna’ meaning ‘the deep river’ later gallized into the French terms of Visnaine, Vilaigne and eventually as she is called today 'La Vilaine'.
  • The banks of 'La Vilaine' - © Alexandre Lamoureux

Useful information

Did you know? That until 1970, time of the construction of the lock and dam at Arzal, the lives of people and the area of La Roche-Bernard were totally governed by rhythm of the tides. Maritime regulations still apply today as far as Redon. For ease of navigation along La Vilaine visit the site at You’ll find lots of useful information such as the lockage times of the dam at Arzal, information notices for mariners, live navigation app for the estuary of La Vilaine, maps of the La Vilaine’s riverbed and waypoints for estuary navigation…

Sail on 'The Vilaine'

Some of the very best ways to discover the port and La Vilaine : with river-cruise boats. Have trips along La Vilaine to discover the area as far as Redon. Departure can be from Arzal or La Roche-Bernard. Just sit back and relax on board…rocked only by the gentle ebb and flow of the river…discover the lush green banks and hilly landscapes of La Vilaine area. There’s also ‘restaurant-ships’  from the dam at Arzal towards Foleux (42 km return trip) a small marina set in the countryside near Nivillac. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced ‘sailor’…whether your craft of choice is a canoe, kayak or catamaran you'll enjoy your time on the river!
  • The banks of 'La Vilaine' - © Alexandre Lamoureux
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  • The banks of 'La Vilaine'
  • The banks of 'La Vilaine'
The banks of 'La Vilaine'The banks of 'La Vilaine'