The bay of Pen-Bé, a sellfish farming area

Discover la Baie de Pen Bé where, hidden in the rocks, after each big tide, you’re sure to be able to fill your collectors baskets of a whole range of delicious seafood fresh from the sea including mussels, clams, cockles, razor, shells and shrimps…

Sellfish farming

The professionals make every effort to raise mussels, oysters and clams in the Pen Bé production area.
Oyster farming remains the main activity. In Assérac, around twenty companies produce 800 ton per year on 90 hectares. From the ‘spat’ stage to appearing on your plate ready to eat takes from 18 months to 3 years (initially in the open sea for the ‘maturing phase’ and then in depuration tanks) and to reach its special flavour... They are ranked from zero to 5: the smaller the number, the bigger the oyster. N ° 3 being the most sought after. The sale of oysters takes place mainly at the end of the year, but summer sales are more and more important. 
  • Assérac - Pen-Bé - © Teddy Locquard

Video about sellfish farming in Pen-Bé

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The shells road

The Pen-Bé bay is intersperced with bathing beaches and growing areas of mussels and oysters. It is a stage on the "Route des Coquillages" (the shells road).

On low tides, this area is adapted to the pratice of foot fishing.
However, before to go for fishing, make sure none prohibition is ongoing!
  • Assérac - Pen-Bé - © Teddy Locquard
  • Assérac - Pen-Bé
  • Assérac - Pen-Bé
Assérac - Pen-BéAssérac - Pen-Bé