The Museum and the Fish auction Hall

You'ld like to understand the history of the town and his fishing activity ?
Here are 2 sites do not miss !

La Turballe, home to the fishermen

The port of La Turballe is the larger of the Loire Atlantique’s two ports in terms of tonnage and turn-over. Formally the no. 1 French port of the Atlantic coast for anchovy fishing sees its industry today focus more on the catching of other species including seabass, sardines, mackerel or cuttlefish.

The Museum of 'La Maison de la Pêche'

At the heart of the port of la turballe come and discover everything you need to know about the fascinating life of fishermen. A variety of different themes make up a fun circuit packed with informations of interest to the whole family. The history of the port, te epic tale of the local canneries, the fishing industry today and much more...

For more informations, ask to the Tourist Office !

The Fish auction Hall

Come and experience the unique moment at the break of day as the fishing boats come back into port…then on to enjoy the excitement of the fish auction as you view ‘today’s catch’ and the auction sale with a state of the art electronic system !
  • La Turballe - © CRT Bretagne/Donatienne Guillaudeau
  • La Turballe
La Turballe