The port of La Turballe

The port of La Turballe is the number one port in La Loire-Atlantique terms of tonnage caught and annual turnover. It was formerly the leading French port along the Atlantic coast for anchovy fishing but focuses more specifically today on the fishing of other species such as seabass, mackerel or squid.

La Turballe, home to the fishermen

Fishing is one of the key activities of the Guérande Peninsula…the fishermen of La Turballe and Le Croisic are amongst its best ambassadors.

Today there are some 48 mid-water trawlers which operate out of the Port of La Turballe – it ranks in 11th place in terms of turnover and 8th place in terms of tonnage amongst French fishing ports.

The fishermen of La Turballe specialize in the fishing of anchovy with catches which can reach more than 2 000 tonnes (per season). Other types of fish caught include seabass, tuna and hake. For the ‘early birds’ amongst you the spectacle of the trawlers returning to port at dawn and the sale at the fish auction are something not to be missed!

The fish auction

At the very heart of this activity, ‘Le centre marée du port de La Turballe’. Come and experience the excitement of the auction sale with its state of the art electronic system and marvel at the day’s catch on display !
  •  - © Alexandre Lamoureux
  •  - © Alexandre Lamoureux
  • Port de plaisance de La Turballe
  • Marina of La Turballe
  • Port de La Turballe - Départ pour les îles Belle-île-en-mer Houat et Hoëdic
Port de plaisance de La TurballeMarina of La TurballePort de La Turballe - Départ pour les îles Belle-île-en-mer Houat et Hoëdic