The port of Le Croisic

A the very end of the peninsula which bears its name, Le Croisic was the very first seaside resort to be established along this coastline with the arrival of the railway line. Famous for its fishing port this ‘Petite Cité de Caractère’ is a stop off point not to be missed in your journey of discovery of the area…

Le Croisic a ‘cité de caractère’ bursting with charm!

This port dating back to the XVIIth century is today the number one port for prawn fishing known locally as ‘le bouquet du Croisic’. Its geography was indeed fashioned by the salt trade. The boats loaded with ballast left their cargos of stones here before taking on board their precious load of ‘white gold’. This process gave rise to Le Mont Lénigo’ and ‘Le Mont Esprit’ and the birth inlets of the port. The town of Le Croisic is flanked by ‘Le traict’ sea inlet which is the point of entry for the trawlers and other potters...

Follow the coast along the former customs officers’ path and breathe in the fresh sea breeze of ‘La côte sauvage’. Stop-off at ‘Le parc de Penn Avel’. This seaside park offers the opportunity to marvel at the exceptional scenery. The town today has been credited with the quality label of ‘Petite Cité de Caractère’. Be sure not to miss out on any aspect of this fascinating little town by following a guided tour in the company of a historian who will reveal to you the inner secrets of this wonderful coast treasure.
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Le Croisic, a shipowners’ town!

Not to be missed along the wharf-quays of Port Ciguet and Lénigo, are the many shipowners’ houses with their perrons and wine cellars (n° 5, 14, 15, 1, 3). On the quay of ‘la Petite Chambre’, opposite ‘la petite jonchère’, stand the majestic town houses with their carved doors, stone facades and dormer windows. On the square of the former town hall, l'Hôtel d'Aiguillon stands tall. Built at the end of the XVIIth century, this impressive building with its imperial style roof complete with pinnacles housed until quite recently the town hall of Le Croisic. Just beyond the grand entrance gates inside lies a beautiful stair case with balustrade. Take a stroll down la rue du Pilori or la rue de Saint-Christophe and discover the magnificent half-timbered houses dating back to the XVIth century, some of which are listed (as historical monuments). Every which way you look you can feast your eyes on the many architectural gems just waiting to be discovered here!
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Cockles, prawns and many other shellfish….

The Guérande Peninsula is an area which is extensively involved in shellfish farming. Typical of this local industry is the diversity and originality of the cockle farms of the Le Croisic. ‘Les Traicts du Croisic’ – seawater inlets – form a semi-closed bay between the peninsula of Le Croisic and the long strip of sandy bay of Pen Bron. Le Croisic is home to the France’s number one farm for cockle production.

‘Le Grand Traict’ is dedicated to cockle breeding as opposed to ‘Le Petit Traict’ which is the site for polyculture. Here the shellfish farmers also breed oysters and clams. Here’s a ‘fishy fact’ to astound your friends! Did you know that locally the cockle is known as ‘le rigadeau’.? Which ever way you choose to serve this little bivalve be it ‘à la nantaise’ or ‘à la provençale’ best way to get to know them is in the tasting!

‘Le Bouquet du Croisic’

This is the pretty name we call the famous prawns around here! The life of the town is very much linked to the presence of the port the primary activity of which is prawn fishing, ‘le bouquet du Croisic’ - making of this port the number one in France for this type of fishing. The town still has today its own dedicated fish market.
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