The Ranrouët castle

Epicentre of Breton pottery since the Gallo-Roman period this town steeped in history been watched over by its castle, an essential witness to the history of Brittany. In the shade of the hundred-year old oaks stands the majestic silhouette of the ruins of the Château de Ranrouët.

A bit of history...

It is an unusual site, at once a fortress and a nobleman’s residence. The castle was built in the 13th century and was repeatedly reshaped up until the 17th century. It was a modern fortress and commanded access to the Guérande peninsula for anyone approaching from Brittany. It was dismantled in the 17th century and suffered destruction and burning during the French Revolution.
  •  - © Alexandre Lamoureux

Place of activities and shows

In summer the site hosts many activities for families: shows, exhibitions, camps, markets, etc. From Easter to Halloween it is an exciting place of entertainment. Come and watch a theatre performance in this magical setting.
  • Ranrouët castle in Herbignac - © Lucas Perrigot

TV report...

Discovery of the castle by France 3 Pays de La Loire (Fench TV)


  • Ranrouët castle in Herbignac
  • Le château de Ranrouët
Ranrouët castle in HerbignacLe château de Ranrouët