Mesquer, between salt and sea

Mesquer-Quimiac is ideally located in the heart of the Mès marshes. It is the second salt basin of the salt marshes of 'Guérande".

The 'white gold' also in Mesquer !

The salt marshes of Le Mès, which lie beyond the hillside near Guérande, cover an area of some 350 hectares in/and around Mesquer-Quimiac, Saint-Molf and Assérac. This zone is supplied with seawater via the inlet of Le Traict de Mesquer.
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A bit of history...

The activity of the harbour at Kercabellec saw a marked increase thanks to the salt trade. Salt production developed over the centuries to reach its peak in the XIXth century. Used primarily to preserve fish and meat the salt was loaded on board ships at Kercabellec and then transported along the entire length of the Atlantic coast. At this time between 150 and 200 ships passed through the port. Trade flourished in Mesquer and brought with it the creation of a network of Cape-horners and customs officers. There were up to 40 customs officers living in the town. The small port office, which was formerly the customs office, bears witness to the level of the salt production and other related commercial trade at that time.
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  • Visit the Mès salt marshes
  • Mès salt marshes
Visit the Mès salt marshesMès salt marshes