Pénestin and its serveral beaches and coves

25 kilometers of coastline and a dozen beaches and coves, Pénestin has many assets! La Mine d'Or beach with its ocher cliffs and other beaches. The banks of the Vilaine to the north and the town of Assérac to the south will not fail to seduce you.

Soft sands, salt spray...

A dozen beaches and coves in Pénestin allow everyone to enjoy their holidays as they see fit: shellfish gathering, lazing around, swimming or board sports! The beach of Men Armor, in the very north, is for example ideal for birdwatching. Those of Camaret and Halguen offer a very beautiful view of the Vilaine. The Lomer and the Bile are ideal places for fishing on foot and those of the Source, the Maresclé and Loscolo are suitable for swimming. As for water sports enthusiasts, you have to go to Poudrantais!

  • Beach of 'Lomer' in Pénestin - © Alexandre Lamoureux

Plage de La Mine d’Or, the most famous

It's true, this amazing Gold colour captures our attention (in days gone they searched for gold here…). You've here the sensation of witnessing ‘infinity’ at the sight of these cliffs and ‘ne-ver- ending’ beach.
  • Beach of 'La Mine d'Or' in Pénestin - © Sébastien Blond

Podcast from the Marais du Branzais

Our local expert Nadège will guide you to the Branzais marshes in Pénestin, not far from the prettiest beaches of Pénestin. Located on the edge of the Vilaine estuary, this authentic and wild site is accessible both on foot and by bike thanks to the GR34 in particular.

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Let's follow "Les Amoureux du Monde"...

Yann and Aurélie (Les Amoureux du Monde) spent a week in the south of Brittany, including a weekend in Pénestin, where they enjoyed the Mine d'Or beach!
Discover their day 7 in Pénestin
  •  - © amoureux-du-monde
  • Beach of 'Lomer' in Pénestin
  • Beach of 'La Mine d'Or' in Pénestin
  • Pénestin, une douzaine de plages et criques
Beach of 'Lomer' in PénestinBeach of 'La Mine d'Or' in PénestinPénestin, une douzaine de plages et criques