Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to your recurring requests

Find here some answers to the questions you may have about our Destination La Baule - Presqu'île de Guérande! There is a lot of essential tourist information here to make your stay with us unforgettable!

Where can I walk my dog this summer?

Did you know ? From June 1 to September 30 dogs are prohibited on all the beaches of our Destination. But why ? Dog droppings are bothersome for passers-by but above all a source of seawater pollution and the CAP Atlantique Agglomeration Community ensures that the quality of our bathing waters and aquatic environments is always optimal. You can therefore go to other places, subject to respecting our "dog-friendly" charter:
1. Always have dog waste collection bags with you, bag dispensers are available in public places, parks and gardens.
2. Respect the surrounding fauna and flora: do not disturb animals on your way (horses, cattle, birds, etc.) and do not damage plant species.
3. Ensure respect for the neighborhood and the passers-by you will encounter.
4. Keep your dog on a leash in crowded or public places

Uncollected droppings can cost a fine of €38.
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Walking areas allowed for dogs:

In the Forest of La Baule, but watch out for horses and sportsmen!
On the La Baule embankment or the customs path from Pouliguen to Batz-sur-Mer
The walk from Pen-Bron to La Turballe
Le Bois du Pouliguen, a small wooded park, with games for children and picnic tables
The tour of the ramparts of Guérande
The Port de Bréca or the Pierre Fendue in Saint-Lyphard. They can even accompany you in a boat for a visit, if they are leashed at your foot.
Le Pré Grasseur in Herbignac, a wooded area with a body of water and picnic tables
The banks of Vilaine, Pénestin via Camoël and Férel

Note: The salt marshes of Guérande and the Bassin du Mès are prohibited for both dogs and passers-by, the salt marshes are protected and private areas that belong to the salt workers.
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Can we buy seafood products directly?

A coastal destination such as ours with 2 of the largest fishing ports in France can only arouse the curiosity of seafood lovers... The Port de la Turballe is renowned for fishing for so-called "blue" fish. (sardines, anchovies, mackerel...) and Port du Croisic for shellfish, such as "Le Bouquet du Croisic" (prawns) or Langoustines.
As an individual, you cannot buy directly at fish market, but you can visit that of La Turballe during school holidays.

Here are our alternatives to find your products:
- The market of course! All our markets offer products from our auctions
- You will find several fishmongers on our Destination
- In La Turballe, Piriac-sur-Mer and Le Croisic some fishermen sell fish and shellfish directly on the port in summer

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Can we go to Dumet Island from Piriac-Sur-Mer?

Dumet Island is a sensitive natural area, a Natura 2000 Zone whose fauna and flora must be preserved. The island is open to the public except from March 15 to July 31 so as not to interfere with the bird nesting period.
If you don't have a license or personal boat to get there, the Nautisme en Pays Blanc sailing school located in Piriac offers 5.30 hour outings on certain days of the week during the summer. The crossings are made in schooners, so plan a suitable and waterproof outfit and above all remember to book!

Access and instructions to follow:

- Stay on the paths authorized for pedestrians.
- Do not cross fences and fences.
- Access to the buildings is prohibited to the public.
- Do not take anything from the island and do not pick up anything (plants, animals, pebbles, etc.).
- Do not leave any waste on the island and do not dump its waste water...
- Do not approach bird colonies.
- Do not bring your dog (even on a leash).
- Do not light fires, barbecues and do not use firecrackers.
- Camping prohibited as well as any other form of accommodation.
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Departures for the islands from La Turballe

First part :

The islands are dreamy, especially in summer! We are lucky to have departures to Belle-île en Mer, Houat and Hoëdic from the Ports of La Turballe and Le Croisic, thanks to Navix! Departures are regular in July and August. There are a few departures in April, May and September, but it is best to make sure beforehand.

Our practical information from La Turballe:

- Reservations are made at the Tourist Office on 02 40 24 34 44
- Duration of the crossings: Belle-île 1h45; Houat 1h30 and Hoëdic 1h15
- Departure: usually at 8 a.m. with a return to the port at 8 p.m.
- Only one island per trip for the day.
- Time on site: Belle-île is large and is ideally done over several days. Houat or Hoëdic in one day
- Dogs are accepted but kept on a leash, on the knees or at the foot of the master.

Learn more about the islands Martime company "La Navix"
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Departures for the islands from La Turballe:

The following :

- Parking: go to the "Parking de l'embarcadère" located Rue du Maréchal Juin, 300 m from the port or to the sports complex.
- Wheelchair accessibility: the boats are accessible if the tidal coefficient is not too high. The toilets are not suitable. Belle-île is recommended for people in wheelchairs, you can visit the city center but to go around the island it is best to be driven by car. Houat and Hoëdic are not recommended.
- On-site catering: there are many restaurants on Belle-ïle, and a few on Houat and Hoëdic.
- Bike rentals are available on site for Belle-île and Houat. No cycling in Hoëdic
- Car hire and guided tours by bus from the Tourist Office.
- Belle-île en mer is large and hilly, the bike tour is possible over several days but for one day prefer the electric bike or other vehicle. Houat can be done on foot or by bike and Hoëdic exclusively on foot!
- Accommodation: to be booked online with the accommodation providers or on site

Belle-île en mer Houat Hoëdic
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What are tides? Where can I find the tide times?

The Atlantic Ocean and its famous "tides" that you don't find everywhere! Why does the sea become high or low? How do I know if I can go shore fishing? What is a tidal coefficient?
Let's make it simple, it's largely due to the Moon. Explanation: the tide will be high when the ocean is closest to the Moon and the tide will be low when the ocean is no longer in front of the Moon. However, other elements have an impact on the tides: the size of the surface of the water or the weather... The tidal coefficient, which is an indicator, makes it possible to know whether high tide or low tide is going to be important or not. It goes from 20 to 120, the higher the number the more we go towards high tides and that is ideal for shore fishing!

Tide times Shore fishing
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Can we go fishing on foot?

Are you a fan of clams, cockles, crabs, prawns and other shellfish, or simply curious about the practice? This paragraph is made for you! But before setting off with your boots, bucket and clam fork, it's important to check the water quality and open areas to see if fishing is allowed. You will find this information on the prefecture and ARS website. Here are the sites to consult for the current bans on shore fishing: In Loire-Atlantique and in Le Morbihan (in french).

And here we have prepared our selection of spots for you:
- Pointe du Bile in Pénestin
- The beach of Pont-Mahé in Assérac
- Benoît Beach between La Baule and Le Pouliguen
- Sorlock and Lanséria beaches in Mesquer
- The Pointe du Castelli in Piriac-sur-Mer
- Pointe de Pen-Bron at La Turballe

To find out what shellfish, molluscs and crustaceans you can find on our different spots, ask our local experts! And to find out all about good behavior to adopt, click just below.

Shore fishing All our beaches
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What to do in Briere? Boat or horse-drawn carriage, the choice is yours!

La Brière is an exceptional natural park where flora and fauna reign supreme. 2nd largest wetland in France, it is the ideal place for a barge trip on the canals. You will appreciate this restful stopover, with the only sounds of the barge gliding on the water and the singing of birds. You can also visit the charming villages of thatched cottages on the edge of the marshes in a horse-drawn carriage and even combine the barge and the horse-drawn carriage, it's perfectly complementary!

- Where to do it? The 2 closest ports to our territory are located in Saint-Lyphard: Le Port de Bréca and Le Port de la Pierre Fendue.
- Duration ? The walks last at least 45 min (barge or carriage), if you combine the two it will be 1h30. You can also take boat trips of more than 1 hour.
- Best period? From April to June, it is not too hot and especially the Brière is adorned with its prettiest colors with the yellow and purple Irises that bloom in the marsh and on the roofs of thatched cottages!
- Are dogs allowed? Yes but on a leash and kept at the master's feet. If your dog loves crunching ducks, go for a carriage ride!
- Wheelchair accessibility? For the barge yes, but for the manual wheelchairs, the barges are larger and more suitable and the service providers can help with getting into the boat. For carriage rides see directly with the service provider.
- Good plan ? Book your ride with our Tourist Office, you will benefit from a reduction of 1€ per ticket.

Discover the marsh from St-Lyphard Book your ride Contact us
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What to do in Briere? Visit the village of Kerhinet!

Small village of 18 thatched cottages nestled in lush greenery and located close to the Brière marsh, Kerhinet is an essential break from the Brière Regional Natural Park! Pedestrian and relaxing, this village is an ideal place to visit for families and visitors looking for a green break. Take advantage of your visit to eat in the delicious Auberge de Kerhinet, and for picnic enthusiasts, you will find a few tables in the shade of the trees. It is also in this village that one of the most gourmet markets of the peninsula is held! Every Thursday in season, take advantage of many local products and taste them on the spot!

Practical information :

- Entrance to the village and free visitor parking
- Wheelchair accessible
- Sanitary facilities available
- Wi-Fi hotspot
- Guided tours of the village offered by the Tourist Office.Remember to book!

The village of Kerhinet The market of Kerhinet Book a guided tour
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What walk to do with a stroller?

Find here the list of walks and hiking routes accessible with a stroller from start to finish!

Discover the different town centers and places of character on the Presqu'île.
From the Medieval City of Guérande to the traditional village of Kerhinet in the Regional Natural Park of Brière. Passing through the Côte Sauvage between Le Pouliguen and Batz-sur-Mer, the "Petites Cités de Caractère" of Piriac-sur-Mer, Batz-sur-Mer and Le Croisic, or even the seafront of the bay of La Baule up to au Pouliguen, with its quay which offers a nice walk to the Nau beach. All these walks are so many places to discover as a family with a stroller.

Are you more into hiking? Here are some accessible hikes: The Duchess Circuit in Saint-Molf; The tour of the coast at Le Croisic or The square corner at Donges.

Our Good Plan
Do you want to take a nice family walk on the seaside but difficult to get there with a stroller? Borrow a baby carrier for free from the Piriac Tourist Office! They will be happy to lend you one, just leave them an ID.
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What about parking and La Baule train station

Free car parks in La Baule?

1 - Much of the waterfront is free
2 - From the Place des salines car park, you can walk or cycle to the city        center via the Pont Maurice Chevrel.
3 - The Gare car park, on the north side, is in the blue zone so if you have your disc (in France the blue zones are time-limited parking zones, you must use a parking disk to announce your arrival), this car park allows you to reach the city center by an underground pedestrian bridge.

A motorhome area in La Baule?

The motorhome parking area is located on Boulevard Guy de Champsavin, along the estuary of the town of Le Pouliguen, not far from the port, in a quiet and newly developed area.

One or two stations in La Baule?

1 - The main station, with open ticket offices, an interior space and TGV train stops, is "La Baule-Escoublac", located in the city center.
2 - The secondary station of "La Baule-les-Pins" is a simple SNCF halt. There is no ticket office. You can get on and off TER trains at this stop, but only if you have made your arrangements (ticket purchase, etc.).
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What to do when it rains ?

In La Baule - Presqu'île de Guérande, it never rains, the locals will tell you, there is a "micro climate". This is not always true and fortunately, the weather is gray and the drops of water fall from time to time. That's why we've concocted a whole selection of activities and outings for you to do when the weather isn't great.
You will find all our suggestions and ideas in our section below:
What to do in La Baule Peninsula of Guérande when it rains?
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You have more questions ?

Contact the Tourist Office team ! All year round, our team of local experts is at your disposal to provide you with personalized answers. Contact us by phone on 02 40 24 34 44, by email, or via the online chat on our website. You can also follow us on social networks and ask us your questions !

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